The Brave browser is among the most installed in the EU: it’s all “thanks” to iOS 17.4

The Brave browser is among the most installed in the EU: that's all

When it comes to browsers, the thoughts of most of the community go to the most common names, such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. But the choice is much wider, we could in fact mention Opera, DuckDuckGo and Brave, for example. And speaking of the latter, the company that distributes it has reported a sharp increase in iPhone installations in European Union countries. This boom was recorded immediately after the release of iOS 17.4which allows users to Choose a web browser other than Safari as your primary browser.

Brave: boom in installations on iPhone after the release of iOS 17.4

In the EU, all those who use an iPhone and have installed the latest version of the software will certainly have noticed a new screen when they first open Safari. Through this it is possible choose your default browser from a list drawn up by Apple. These options are essentially the most popular ones on the App Store, and yes, Brave is there too.

With a post about X Brave Software, Inc. shared a graph showing the number of installs of its browser on iOS devices from January to early March. As you can see, the installations they jumped from 7,000 to more than 11,000 right after the release of iOS 17.4 (March 6).

«Those who defend the monopoly argue that those who hold it offer better products. But as you can see, when consumers have browser choice on iOS, they choose alternatives to Safari», we read in a subsequent post.

Then the jab at Google: «Maybe that’s why Google hasn’t implemented a similar choice screen on Android yet».

The innovation that the company talks about with the lion logo was introduced by Apple to comply with the DMA, the new European regulation on digital markets. Among the other changes to the iPhone operating system there is also the possibility of downloading applications from alternative marketplaces and directly from websites.

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