The browser war: Edge boom, Safari and Chrome collapse is not surprising

There are few IT industries where there are more than a couple of top-tier competitors. THE browser Web I am certainly among them.

The platform Statcounter wanted to analyze the trend of this market, examining the variations recorded at December 2023. In this sense, the data collected is in many ways surprising to say the least.

Edge, apparently, seems to have had a considerable increase in users. Numbers in hand, Microsoft’s browser passed, in the month of December alone, from 11.2% to 11.9%. An increase of 0.7% which, in itself, does not cause great fanfare. However, it must be taken into account that we are talking about a single month and that this confirms growing numbers for Edge on medium-long term.

Those who paid (and quite a bit) in the last month of the year were Safariwhich made a real splash free fall.

Unexpected growth of Microsoft Edge, but other competitors also surprise (not always in a positive way)

In just one month, the browser Apple seems to have passed dal 13% all’8,9%. A real collapse, which brings Safari closer in terms of number of users to another name in the sector, namely Mozilla Firefox (which holds the 7,6% of the market).

Although it is not possible at the moment to explain this considerable decline, theAI integration in competitors such as Edge and Chrome it may have taken users away from the browser, which is also limited to the Apple ecosystem.

In all this, how does he behave? Chrome? The browser, a point of reference for desktop PC users, has confirmed its constant e inexorable growth. With an increase of 3,1%In fact, Google’s service is around an impressive 65,2% of the entire user.

Rounding out the 5 most popular browsers is the excellent one Operaclearly detached from the top positions, holding only 3.8% of the market.

I browser mobile

Statounter then wanted to specifically analyze the most used browsers on mobile. In this sense, the ranking obviously sees Chrome in first position, dragged by many Android devices on the market. As expected, the situation is similar with Safari, thanks to the spread of iPhone.

He appears in third position Samsung Internetfollowed by the aforementioned Opera and then from UC Browser. Greatly absent in this particular ranking is Edge which, being tied to Windows and not being able to count on a native mobile OS, stops at a paltry 0,24% of the market.


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