The Dark Web is expanding: here are the possible future risks

When it comes to Dark Webmany users think of possibilities that are anything but reassuring: theft and sale of credentials, shady if not illegal trading and so on.

Indeed, due to the very nature of this area of ​​the web, it is a context with more shadows than lights. Not for nothing, the platform Flare he counted over 12 billion credentials stolen and resold on the Dark Web.

Just as the possibilities of cybercriminals are growing, this “grey” area also seems to be booming. Thanks to solutions like I2P e Torbut also to extensions and branches like some Telegram channelsthis environment is increasingly tangible.

But what are the dangers that constitute, to date, the bulk of the Dark Web?

According to research, classic malware is one of the biggest markets in this context. info stealer come RedLine, Raccoon, Further, Titan e Auror they are well present in the Dark Web, as well as the fruit of their “activities”.

Monitor Flare more than 20 million logs of infostealer and adds 1 million of new logs per month, many of which contain credentials relating to business applications. Numbers which, as it is easy to understand, tend to grow from year to year.

From IAB to ransomware: all the threats populating the Dark Web

I initial login broker (IAB) are active in Dark Web forums, such as XSS e IABs allow the resale of previously stolen data packs in auctions and forum threads. The turnover in this sector is difficult to evaluate but, for a single auction, we are talking about several tens of thousands of dollars.

Similar speech for the authors of campaigns ransomware which, in the context of the Dark Web, find their natural habitat. This form of extortion, born just a few years ago, makes up a large chunk of what is considered cybercrime today.

By infecting the computers of companies, hospitals and so on, cybercriminals manage to make local files unreadable (through encryption) and then ask for a ransom to unlock them. Also in this case, more or less accentuated according to the period, the trend is growing.

The Dark Web, therefore, seems to be expanding and the risk is to see further cyber threats proliferate. For users, the only real way to avoid risks is to be cautious when surfing online and to use good antivirus tools to mitigate any risks related to unwanted contacts.


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