The Fitbit app is ready for a big AI-themed update

The Fitbit app is ready for a big AI-themed update

The impressive progress in the context ofGenerative Artificial Intelligence they are leading to real revolutions in the software sector.

Googlein this sense, seems to ride these new technologies with ease, proposing what it defines as Personal AI to its users. It seems that the Fitbit app will particularly benefit from these innovations and will presumably soon be able to obtain interesting updates based on AI.

During the recent event The Check UpGoogle has stated how it intends to improve data collection regarding the well-being of users, both through smartwatch what a way smartphone. In this sense, Fitbit will be equipped with a new AI tool to evaluate the data collected from sensors providing them through graphs or other easy-to-understand representations.

Google, however, has absolutely no intention of stopping there. From what has been leaked, in fact, there is talk of a chatbot with which the user will be able to communicate, asking for more details regarding their health.

Fitbit: the app is ready for the Artificial Intelligence revolution

A practical example in this sense? The user will be able to ask for advice regarding sleep or other daily habits, with the chatbot comparing reports on rest, nutrition and daily routines to offer personalized advice.

Google’s intentions are to go further, trying to establish connections between the various biometric parameters such as heart rate and heart rate variation, exercise intensity and other similar factors. For the moment, these projects are still in their infancy with tests accessible only to Fitbit Labs members.

All this, however, seems to be just a small taste for the future, with Google also working on what it defines as Personal Health Large Language Modelin fact an entire AI model totally focused on health.

The Mountain View giant will most likely introduce these innovations in its next smartphones Pixel and wearable devices Fitbit e Pixel Watch.

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