The five best AI devices to try in 2024

The one onartificial intelligence it’s an ever-evolving discussion, with dozens and dozens of applications and devices which, almost daily, arrive on the market, ready to completely overturn consumer habits.

And if until recently AI was considered as something intended for extremely specific tasks and applications, today this is no longer the case and various smart accessories are arriving on the market (some are already available), ready to help the user even in simpler daily tasks.

So let’s see what the five best AI devices arriving in 2024 will be.

Smart Assistant AI

The voice assistants they have undergone an incredible evolutionary process which, obviously, led them straight towards artificial intelligence.

For this reason it is not surprising that among the most anticipated products of 2024 there are new versions of these devices, ready to perform increasingly complex operations precisely thanks to AI which, moreover, allows them to be also much more responsive e di better understand the commands given by users.

In addition to this, there is no shortage of functions on the subject automation, advanced security, suggestions personalized e smart home.

Wearable devices

Also wearable they are gradually reorienting themselves towards AI, with increasingly specific functions dedicated to monitoring of vital signs et al fitness.

Let’s talk about intelligent devices that can help people live betterreporting any anomalous data on theirs to them saluteon the quality of sleep eh stress levelsbecoming a real prevention system.

In addition to this, with the arrival of so many smart coachphysical exercise also changes, becoming truly tailor-made and completely adapting to the habits and state of health of those who use them.

AR/VR visors

The sector of AR/VR visors it is one of the most prolific in recent years and, despite the less than widespread diffusion of these devices, it is undeniable that artificial intelligence is looking with a certain interest in this direction.

The future development prospects are very promising and AI-related functionalities will soon be available to entertainment and to immersive productivity they will become increasingly common, redefining the way people perceive the reality around them and the ways they interact with it.

AI translators

Even that of the AI translators it is a sector full of possibilities that fits perfectly with that of smartphone and that of the device wearable.

The arrival of artificial intelligence, in this sense, can only further enhance the functions for real-time translationguaranteeing a better accuracy in communication methods and, above all, a rapid language learning and much more natural.


The sector of robotics it is perhaps the one that will receive the most significant benefits in the coming years with the advent of artificial intelligence.

After all, with increasingly sophisticated and capable automatons smooth and natural movementsthe only thing they need is a “synthetic brain” which allows him to act in full autonomy, carrying out all the activities requested of him.

A very important step that could redefine the relationship between man and machine and which could bring enormous benefits, going to support the human being in the most complicated tasks or for help him in case of need.

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