The Google Pixel 8 receives the Circle and Search function of the Galaxy S24

The Google Pixel 8 receives the Circle and Search function of the Galaxy S24

With all the new features regarding hardware and aesthetics, new functions have also arrived for i Galaxy S24 by Samsung. At the presentation, users found themselves faced with a true masterpiece: artificial intelligence has never been so decisive within a smartphone. It was introduced, with the collaboration of Google, a new way to carry out research on the South Korean giant’s top-of-the-range triptych. All you need to do is circle and search.

By holding down the navigation bar, you can circle what you want to search for. Google had promised that the feature would also come to the series Google Pixel 8 by the end of January, and that’s actually what happened. The company respected the times and began to release the “Circle and search” feature also for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

“Circle and search” from the Galaxy S24 also arrives on the Google Pixel 8

While the AI ​​search feature didn’t arrive right away for everyone who owns a Pixel 8 or 8 Pro, more people are reporting that they’ve had the opportunity to receive it. There seems to be no need for any specific Google app update or system update. This should all be enabled via a side switch server. However, there are some people who report that an update is needed for the Google app, so the situation may vary from person to person or rather from country to country.

All users in the world should receive the update, but at least for the moment this has not been the case. The first feedback comes from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Europe, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

Regarding the freedom of use of the new functionality, little or nothing is known. In fact, not even Samsung has decided what it will do in the future: will it leave everything for free or will it demand payment?

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