The label arrives for AI content on Facebook, Instagram and Threads

The label arrives for AI content on Facebook, Instagram and Threads

The impact of artificial intelligence remains a topic to be discussed on a daily basis, with the dangers that can arise from it and the advantages that everyone knows. Meta is planning various things for the future including the simplification of some aspects related to AI. In fact, the giant wants to make it easier to understand if and which contents have been created with artificial intelligence. Everything will obviously take place on its platforms which are Threads, Instagram e Facebook.

To achieve this, the company says it will soon begin offering a label distinctive. As the latest news states, Meta will begin labeling such content starting in the next few months.

Meta: Labels that distinguish AI-generated content arrive on Instagram, Threads and Facebook

Just yesterday, Meta’s announcement arrived: the company is working to develop the ability to automatically detect all the signals that “reveal” the use of artificial intelligence. On the reference social networks which are Threads, Facebook and Instagram, Meta will soon implement the method useful for understanding whether content was created with AI. It will be precisely in this way that real labels will be affixed to photos and videos.

In reality the goal is to identify all the contents, but there will be some indecipherable ones. Meta reports that through i metadatathe hidden watermarks and much more, it will discover everything that has been created with AI. However, there could be photos or videos with all these aspects perfectly hidden but in that case the company warns that it would not be able to detect them.

The engineers’ work is not focusing solely on this capability. In fact, Meta will not be limited only to AI image identification. The company’s contextual goal is to identify AI-generated images created with AI tools also belonging to other companies, such as Google, OpenAI and Adobe.

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