The most powerful female managers in the hi-tech world

A world dominated by men. This seemed to be the hi-tech sector, at least until a few years ago. Not without difficulties, over time there are many women who have made careers and who have managed to obtain prominent roles in important companies such as Meta, Google, Alibaba and many other leading and extremely famous companies.

Prominent, managerial roles, which allowed them to be noticed all over the worldnot only within the borders of their own nations, and to become real points of reference for all young girls, and not only, who want to pursue a career in the technology sector and try to obtain important roles within well-known companies.

There are many women who hold managerial roles, some of whom have even obtained valuable recognition by being included several times among the lists of the most influential, richest and most powerful women in the world. In particular, it is in the Forbes rankings, drawn up annually, that many notable names can be found.

Sheryl Sandberg, the woman who drove Meta

donne hitech Sandberg

Among the best-known names in the hi-tech world is that of Sheryl Sandbergthe woman that Mark Zuckerberg wanted by his side to lead first Facebook and then Meta. In the past, Forbes has listed Sheryl among the most powerful women in the world.

The His career began in 1991 in the university classrooms of Harvard College, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a thesis written in collaboration with the professor Lawrence Summers. He then works (always alongside Summers) for the World Bank and is part of Bill Clinton’s economic staff during his first experience as President of the United States.

Sheryl Sandberg has worked for the United States government, for Google and, later, for Meta. Her name is known throughout the world

From here he landed at Google, where he formed invaluable economic-technological alliances with AOL and other Internet providers, allowing Big G to grow dramatically in just a few years. But he only reached the role of vice-president of sales. In 2007 the big leap: after meeting Mark Zuckerberg at a Christmas party, he took over the reins of the company until Facebook became the most used social platform in the world.

His work with Meta lasts 14 years, 12 of which he served on the company’s board of directors. In 2022 she announced her resignation as COO and in 2024 she declared that she would not stand for re-election to the board of directors, definitively saying goodbye to the company.

Virginia Rometty, head of IBM for about 40 years, and Angela Ahrendts, for years at the helm of the Apple Stores

Virginia rometty

To be the CEO of a company like IBM you have to have something special. And Virgina (Ginni) Rometty is truly special. She’s busy all the most important positions in IBM until reaching the role of CEO, assumed in 2012.

In the past he also assumed the position of CFO, leading the company to increase its turnover after 21 negative years. The challenge of focusing on cloud computing and big data analysis was won, so much so that IBM is one of the world leaders in this sector. She resigned in 2020, after a 40-year career with the company.

Angela Ahrendts hey was at the head of the Apple Store scattered around the world and it is his credit for having transformed a shop into a meeting point for lovers of bitten apple devices. She left her role in 2019.

Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle and one of the most powerful women in the world

safra catz

She joined Oracle in 1999, when she was just 38 years old and after spending most of her working life in the offices of banks around the world. Despite this, Safra Catz immediately demonstrated that she was able to adapt well to the new role and the new realityfirst becoming president of Oracle and then managing director and CEO.

Safra Catz is one of the richest women in the world thanks to her work at Oracle

She is one of the highest paid women in the world and is at the helm of a company that has based much of its success on technological innovation.

Ruth Porat, CFO at Alphabet

donna manger

Chief Financial Officer di Alphabet (the company that controls the Google universe), Ruth Porat is known within the company for her skills in cutting deadwood and the unlikely projects carried out by the Mountain View company. It is thanks to her that projects such as Google Fiber and self-driving cars have suffered major cuts and almost complete abandonment by Google.

Lucy Peng and Jean Liu, women heads of large companies

Ali Baba

Lucy Peng was among the founders of Ali Baba (the Chinese Amazon) where he held various positions until reaching the role of CEO.

Jean Liu is the daughter of Lenovo’s founder, but her career began within Goldman Sachs. In 2015 crea Didi Chuxingthe Chinese Uber, a private taxi company present in many Chinese cities and which has achieved great success.

Amy Hood, Chief Financial Officer presso Microsoft


In the most important decisions taken by Microsoft in recent years, there has always been Amy Hood’s hand. Since 2013 holds the role of Chief Financial Officer of the Redmond company and was one of the protagonists of the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for 26 billion dollars. Thanks to its choices, Microsoft has become one of the world leaders in the world of cloud computing, thanks to programs such as Azure.

Gwynne Shotwell, chief operating officer of Space

space x

Among the most famous women in the world of technology there is, without a doubt, Gwynne Shotwell, Presidente e Chief Operating Offices a SpaceXa company operating in the aerospace sector.

La Shotwell it joined SpaceX in 2002, the year it was founded by Elon Musk, after working for Microcosm. He initially held the role of vice president, but soon joined the company’s board of directors.

Susan Li, CFO of Meta


Another important name in Meta is that of the very young Susan Li, Chief Financial Officer of the company. Her career has been on the rise. In 2008 she was hired at Facebook and subsequently became vice president of finance, leading Meta’s entire financial management team.

In 2022 she took on the role of CFO, at just 36 years old, rightfully becoming one of the most influential women in the world.

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