What were the most searched words in Italy in 2023 on Google and the most important facts of the year searched on the internet

Research 2023 At the end of the year it is always interesting to take a summary and find out what Italians searched for most on the internet.
There are two types of statistics that can be extrapolated from the data provided by Google: the most searched words of all in 2023 and then the ranking of topics, facts and characters that aroused the most interest during the year. Habits and current affairs must therefore be distinguished and, to draw up updated and precise statistics for the year 2021, one can only rely on Googleused by more than 90% of Italians.

As usual, before seeing the most searched topics of the year, let’s actually see what they are the most searched words ever in Italy in 2023which have always been the same for years and, we can say, represent the main reasons for using Google (from Google Trends):

  1. weather forecast: a classic
  2. translator
  3. A league
  4. google: searching for Google on Google may sound really strange, in reality it is a search that many people do from the Chrome bar or other browsers, unaware that it is already Google.
  5. amazon: to enter Amazon via Google.
  6. facebook: All over the world and not just in Italy, to access Facebook you search for the site on Google.
  7. napoli
  8. italia
  9. youtube: to enter the video site
  10. direct

If you instead move on to words with the most growth in searches in the last 12 months (which does not mean they are the most searched for) we have searches based on the main events of 2023, but above all sensational new entries. This is ChatGPT, the tool that is revolutionizing the world of work and beyond, through continuous learning artificial intelligence. Looking at the top ten of most growing searches this year in Italy we have:

  1. chatgpt
  2. transport bonus 2023
  3. rosa chemical
  4. Michela Murgia
  5. Silvio Berlusconi.
  6. amazon it
  7. sinner
  8. torino today
  9. baga well-known online gaming site.
  10. canvadigital content creation site.

Leaving the raw data from Google Trends, let’s go to the summary page instead Google 2023 in Italyeasier to read and much more complete with statistics, to see which searches grew the most during the year 2023compared to the previous year, carried out by Italians.

Unfortunately this year there is no general category with the ranking of the most searched words of the year according to Google and there are only thematic rankings which we can summarize as follows: Among the personages more influential and popular, there are therefore Jannik Sinnerperhaps the strongest Italian tennis player ever, Romelu Lukakuwho passed to Roma amidst controversy, Peppino of Capri (I don’t know why honestly), Shakira for the relationship that ended with the footballer Pique and the new album and then Marta Fascina e Andrea Giambruno to actually know who I am.
2023 was also a year of goodbye painful, missing and mourned characters among which certainly stand out Maurizio Costanzo e Silvio Berlusconi. Among the characters who have left us I also like to remember Gianluca Vialli, Gina Lollobrigida, Francesco Nuti e Michela Murgia.

An important ranking that allows us to retrace the events of the year is that of Why…??which offers incredible pearls that leave you truly perplexed in some cases: While the first place, the reason for the war in Israel and Gaza it is important and serious, the rest of the ranking makes you think. This year, Italians have therefore asked themselves, Because Iacchetti leads from home, because Edoardo was disqualified, Why Oshimen wears a mask e Because there is no Teo Mammucari, questions I honestly never thought to ask myself. Then we have the curiosities: Why we celebrate Ferragosto e because it is celebrated on March 8th.

The ranking of What does 2023 mean it’s truly particular, with words that I had never heard and that we will have to discover at this point. At the first post, it’s there What does national mourning mean?, and whatever; then come dark words like First (which comes from a Tiktok trend), noos, Sinologist, Ash azita e Armochromist.

Il “Things” is a respectable ranking: the most requested is Hamasfollowed by
Abdominal diastasis
, Kibbutz, 41 bis, Codacons and finally we also find Chat GPT.

For the rest, there are rankings related to the world of entertainment and we can mention, the film most searched: Oppenheimeril singer: Rosa Chemicalthe TV Series: Sea Outside and the actress: Chiara Francini.

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The most frequent searches in 2023 on the internet in the worldin English (as will be seen also influenced by research from the USA) visible from this page, are:

  1. War in Israel and Gaza
  2. Titanic submarine
  3. Turkey earthquake
  4. Hurricane Hilary
  5. Hurricane Idalia
  6. Hurricane Lee
  7. Maine shooting
  8. Nashville shooting
  9. Chandrayaan-3
  10. War in Sudan

Finally, it should be noted that for 2023 Google has returned to creating a summary video, which however is not limited to the searches of the year, but celebrates 25 years of searches on Google and which is worth seeing.


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