The new Apple Pencil Pro is a magic wand: it can turn smart lights on/off

The new Apple Pencil Pro is a magic wand: it can turn smart lights on/off

Presented together with the new iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4, the Apple Pencil Pro it is an advanced version of the stylus that brings with it innovative features to allow users to enrich, improving the user experience. The Cupertino company presented its features (already welcomed positively by the creators) but perhaps it forgot an important detail: it is a sort of Magic wand.

The Squeeze feature makes Apple Pencil Pro more versatile than ever

Irony aside, with a video published on Threads, Meta’s X-style social network, the creator Yuka Ohishi showed how to use Apple Pencil Pro for control smart lights installed in your home or office. It is not a native function, if we want to define it that way, but a few steps are enough to “activate” it.

Through the settings, in fact, it is possible to assign theinedita gesture Squeeze also an quick command, a shortcut. And it is being the choice completely free, you can give vent to your imagination. By pressing the new generation pencil with your fingers you can therefore set a timer, start a voice or screen recording, launch Apple Music and also turn on/off the smart lights installed in the house.

Apple Pencil Pro - Squeeze function

As much as all this shows how versatile the new Apple accessory is, it’s difficult to think that anyone could really use the gesture in this way. It was in fact designed for speed up some steps during the “creation” phase, how to open a palette to change tools, line thickness and color in record time.

The new gyroscope which allows you to precisely adjust the angle of the stroke or of the brushstroke, the haptic engine for precise feedback andcontact point preview on the screen.

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