Also destined for the European market, the Viewsonic X11-4K smart projector has become official, equipped with single-chip DSP technology with resolution upscaled to UltraHD, equipped with an RGBB LED light source.
The new Viewsonic X11-4K smart projector is official, with UHD and Harman Kardon audio

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A little less than 3 years after the launch of the previous model, the American ViewSonic Corporation has announced, with arrival also for Europe, the new smart projector X11-4K.

Dimensioned at 261 x 271 x 146 mm for 4.5 kg, the ViewSonic X11-4K adopts 0.47-inch single-chip DLP technology with 1920 x 1080 micro-mirrors: thanks to the eXpanded Pixel Resolution technology that for each micro-mirror takes 4 pixels, it is possible to obtain upscaled images in UltraHD. Specifically, these are images that benefit from high dynamic range support in HLG and HDR10 formats, fluid (via MEMC with frame interpolation), accurate in color coverage thanks to the 125% value on the Rec.709 color gamut.

The LED lighting source adopts the matrix with two blue LEDs (therefore of the RGBB type): according to the company, it is guaranteed to operate for at least 30,000 hours and ensures, according to the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect, 2,400 LED Lumen as luminous flux (corresponding to roughly 1,000 “normal” ANSI Lumen).

Thanks to the projection ratio of 0.8: 1, it is possible to obtain images from 60 inches (by spacing the projector 103.3 cm from the projection surface) to 200 “(to obtain which it is necessary to position the device at 351.2 centimeters). Obviously, with distances between 121 and 262.7 cm, it is possible to obtain a whole series of intermediate diagonals, from 70 to 150 inches.

Also in the equipment of the ViewSonic X11-4K projector for what concerns the image, we must include the 1x digital zoom, the correction of keystone distortion in vertical and horizontal, the ToF sensor for automatic focus, and a front support that raises lightly the projector, allowing for additional installation versatility. In terms of audio, in addition to the operational silence (25-26 decibels), this projector benefits from the contribution of Harman Kardon which expressed itself in an output of 8 watts for the two channels, obtained with a pair of tweeters and a woofer.

Equipped with connectivity such as Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5 mm jack for analog audio output, HDMI with ARC return audio channel (in the context of the two HDMI 2.0 with anti-piracy 2.0 with HDCP 2.2), an optical digital output (all options also useful for connecting a more performing audio device), a microSD reader, a USB Type-C (to connect, for example, an s, a PC, or a smartphone, complete with a charging function), the two USB Type-A (with 5 V / 1.5 A power output), an analog audio input via 3.5 mm, an RJ45 for Ethernet, and dual band Wi-Fi (also useful for mirroring the smartphone screen) , the Viewsonic X11-4K adopts its own Smart TV interface with an Apps Center suitable for finding and installing (on the 16 GB of storage, 12 of which are available for the user) the main streaming services (eg Prime Video or Netflix ), but also Plex or Kodi media centers.


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