Online emulator to play, even in two, all the old games of the Nintendo, SuperNes and Sega MegaDrive consoles: Mario, Sonic and Mortal Komba.

Nintendo Sega online emulator
Once (15 years ago), when the Playstation and the XBox did not yet exist, the game consoles were from Nintendo and Sega, which produced the best video games of the time. Titles like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong e Sonic they were born from there and have entertained generations of kids for their formidable gameplay which was almost better than that of some mammoth video games of today.To play and replay i old SNES or Sega MegaDrive games there are some emulators that can be downloaded and installed on a Windows PC, but which always have some complications.
It is then much earlier to connect to the site playretrogames.coma very special game site, which re-proposes the old successful games of the historical consoles Nintendo and Sega.

In full compliance and with all the licenses granted with the parent company Nintendo, the site is an online emulator that allows you to play immediately, without installing anything, directly from the browser, some of the most beautiful and most famous games released for these consoles. You can play the various videogames on the site just by pressing the button Play Now under the cover of the game.
The site has so many game lists, all online like the one for games Nintendoone with i videogames SuperNesAtari, Sega MegadrivePlaystation, Mame, NeoGeo and many others.
Among these we can mention names such as Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, Zelda and many others. To search for games, browse the list or use the search bar at the top. The games, all free, online and original (including Sonic and Mortal Kombat).

Each game loads in a couple of seconds and in the first menu you can choose the first thing you see is the selection menu where you can choose to play alone or with a friend over the internet. If you select the option multiplayer, a URL is generated, a personalized internet address, which must be sent to the friend via e-mail to play in doubles. The first time you play the game you need to configure the keyboard. One click on the default defaults sets the WASD keys to move and the K, J, I and U keys as action keys. Select is set to T and Start on space.
With a gamepad you would certainly play better, otherwise it is advisable to change the keys depending on how they are more comfortable. The games open in a small browser window. To set the full screen mode press the button in the gray bar at the bottom of the window. It is also possible save a gameif you create an account on the site.

The site is great for replaying some great games that, even today, can be really fun and engaging. The emulation is great and fluent, even in online multiplayer mode for two to play with a friend. The fact that there is nothing to download and configure makes this emulator the best and simplest you can find.

Another similar site for playing old Nintendo and Sega console games and also

Instead, if you want a program to play the old console games, in addition to the Mame emulator which still needs to download the roms individually, please note AntStreammentioned in the post Atari online games, which includes many games from Sega and Nintendo.

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