The PowerMax 3600 arrives on Indiegogo: it brings energy everywhere, even in extreme conditions

Blackview e OSCAL, companies known for their leadership in the rugged smart-device industry have undertaken a pioneering project with the launch of PowerMax 3600, the world’s first rugged power station, designed for both home and outdoor use. This product represents an innovative attempt to combine the resistance typical of rugged phones with the functionality of a power station.

PowerMax 3600 brings energy everywhere and in all conditions

The PowerMax 3600 stands out with its robust material construction ABS+PC, which makes it resistant to vertical falls of up to 0.8 metres. It is designed to be usable in various extreme environments, such as wet lake edges or dusty construction sites, thanks to its ability to block the entry of solid particles and water splashes. It is also functional over a wide temperature range, from -20°C a 55°C, making it ideal for explorations in places such as the glaciers of Alaska or the Sahara deserts.

A distinctive aspect of the PowerMax 3600 is its expandable capacity, which ranges from 3.6kWh a 57.6kWh, with the possibility of adding up to 15 extra battery packs. Despite its large capacity, the suitcase-like design, complete with handles and wheels, makes it practical and easy to transport. With an output power of 3,600W, It can power 99% of essential devices, making it ideal for situations such as use in campers or home emergencies.

The power station is based on battery cells LiFePO4 particularly robust and long-lasting, included in a battery management system (BMS) with eight levels of protection. In the event of a power outage, its uninterrupted power system (UPS) ensures that users are not left in the dark, with a lightning-fast switching time of just 5 milliseconds.

Versatility and power

The PowerMax 3600 offers multiple charging modes, including AC, solar, car charging and dual charging. Furthermore, it can be recharged using charging stations for electric vehicles, generators gas, lead-acid batteriesoe most ecological and zero-cost energy sources, such as solar, wind or water. With PV and AC input, it charges from 0% to 80% capacity in just 0.96 hours.

From a user interface perspective, the PowerMax 3600 features a display LCD large with easily readable fonts and conveniently sized buttons for control directly on the unit, plus an app for remote control. Unlike gas generators, it works without emitting toxic fumes and with a maximum noise of only 62dB at 1.5 meters away, making it usable even in confined spaces.

Price and Shipping

As regards shipping and warranty, Blackview OSCAL ensures a 4 year guarantee with online support 24/7 and several offline service centers. Orders should ship within 7-10 days of release date.

The PowerMax 3600 will be available for purchase on Indiegogo starting January 10thwith a starting price of $1799. Additional accessories such as battery packs, cart, solar panels, car charging cables and AC charging cables will also be available. Furthermore, all supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will have the opportunity to unlock exclusive gifts.


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