The return of HummingBad: 10 million Android devices affected

The smartphone they have now become an integral part of our lives, as they also serve as personal assistants and portable entertainment centers.

Dealing with actual mini-laptop computers, however, also has some downsides, i.e malware and similar threats. In this regard, a virus that already appeared in the Android environment several years ago seems to be back in vogue, namely the feared one HummingBad.

To understand how insidious this malware is, just take a look at the numbers: we’re talking a lot 10 million devices hit all over the world during his less than honorable career.

Despite its age (HummingBad appeared on the scene way back in 2016), it never stops spreading and worrying users and professionals.

The main goal of its creators is to generate revenue through ads e installations of malicious apps. Once the device is infected, HummingBad gains access root to the device, giving attackers full control and the ability to manipulate various elements of the phone.

How to prevent HummingBad malware infection

In case of strange device behavior, such as ad spam and similar situations, it is important to take prompt action to block HummingBad, as well as other similar malware.

In this sense, you must already have an installed on your device antivirus reliable can make everything much easier. In this case, it is a good idea to perform a complete scan of the smartphone to check for the presence of the malicious agent.

In terms of prevention, then, it is advisable keep the operating system updated. Android developers, in fact, are always working to make the OS more and more protected against malware and similar attacks. Rely on apps from Google Play Storand and avoid APK and unknown sources, is another way to avoid unpleasant encounters.

Again from a HummingBad prevention perspective, it is good to have a plan backup for your Android device. This way, in the event of any infection, you can simply perform a system restore to regain full control of your phone, without suffering any data loss.


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