The transformation of business processes with SAP Signavio

When a company is able to manage and grow its business thanks to intelligent and efficient processes, it means that it actually has its own destiny in its own hands. This implies that the processes are documented and integrated into an organic logic, it means that it is possible to measure their performance and monitor the individual steps, but above all it means that it is possible to operate automatically to pursue operational excellence that makes the difference in terms of the final result . The transformation of business models is in fact, not surprisingly, one of the pillars of Business Transformation Tour (sign up for free here) organized by SAP e Intel to offer the company guidance on models and best practice that enhance an organization’s unique qualities and help it quickly identify new market opportunities.

Transformation of business processes

The Business Transformation Tour is an initiative that offers opportunities for orientation and in-depth analysis on some fundamental topics to help companies in their digital transformation journey. Salvatore De CaroSAP Signavio Presales Director EMEA South, addressed the topic of Data Driven Operational Excellence, a central aspect today precisely in the context of the transformation of business processes. Setting up a company from a “data driven” perspective means in fact controlling the data and valorising it, extrapolating it and transforming it into an immediately usable asset: it means having real-time insights useful for supporting decision-making processes.

Salvatore De Caro, Data Driven Operational Excellence with SAP Signavio

If it is true that “for modern organizations transformation is a constant need“, it is precisely the mechanisms upstream and downstream of the transformation that must be kept under control, consistently with the company strategy. The image used by De Caro is strong and illustrative: the sum of a company’s processes represents the digital twin of the company itself. Controlling the relationships between the organization and its digital representation therefore gives that reaction capacity and operational elasticity that allow you to better govern the entire company machine.

SAP Signavio

The company’s ability to adapt itself is directly proportional to the ability to govern individual processes: SAP Signavio is the answer to this type of need, offering “process discovery” capabilities, applying best practices and transforming the company’s experience into a treasure to be exploited.

Automation is an integral part of this evolutionary ambition that every valuable company should metabolize: adding advanced analysis capabilities, applying machine learning with a view to collaboration between the business and IT sectors, combining Process Intelligence capabilities (which can easily connect to any data system, data lake and data warehouse) and Process Insights within the “analysis and mining” area represent all elements that SAP Signavio makes available.

SAP Signavio is a platform for process transformation, so it is the subsequent steps that make the difference: from the Process Manager to the Journey Modeler, finally arriving at Process Governance and Process Automation.

SAP Signavio

In this transformation path, a prominent role is played by SAP Signavio Process Explorer, a veritable library of best practices that allow you to capitalize on KPIs, experiences and case histories that become shared knowledge and can generate new value. Effectiveness becomes a common good just as the transformation of business processes becomes a daily modus operandi to achieve business objectives in the simplest and fastest way.

In light of all this, the definition of “data driven” takes on a much more tangible meaning: data not only guides choices, but is the basis of everyday activities, it is the raw material underlying every decision-making process and find digital representation on a platform like SAP Signavio which allows you to manage data and processes like atoms ready to find new virtuous reactions.

Scarica gratis i webinar del Business Transformation Tour

The appointment with SAP Signavio within the Business Transformation Tour is available for free in this repository which contains all the speeches of the event: from the Business Technology Platform to the analysis of the Supply Chain, passing through the evolution of the ERP towards the cloud and end with the transformation of business processes.

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