The value of refurbished: quality and convenience go hand in hand

How many times have you looked at your PC thinking that the right time has come to change it, only to stop when faced with budgets that are difficult to reach? How many times does a company stop when faced with replacing its hardware equipment precisely because the new one is too expensive and the used one is difficult to be reliable? The answer to these questions comes from Ricondizionato.ita platform that allows you to use fully efficient tools, with maximum reliability, in full transparency and with decidedly advantageous prices compared to new ones.

The value of the refurbished

To understand the value of the proposal, it is important to understand what is and why it is able to offer guarantees that are otherwise difficult to find. The system, in fact, is a real platform that brings together many resellers of refurbished products. The platform verifies the procedures of individual partners, monitors the quality of their service and ensures that they can be reliable points of reference. In short, acts as guarantor for the user and is therefore able to offer the latter a one-year guarantee on each product purchased: something similar would not be possible if there was not full trust in the retailers and – consequently – in the products that the latter regenerate.

This, in fact, is the basket of products of products regenerated and put back on the market. Not simply used products, in short, but devices in which the worn parts have been replaced if they do not comply with the indicated standards. Any aesthetic defects are also described in maximum transparency, so that the buyer can know precisely what he is about to purchase. Finally, each product is cataloged according to a quality scale that divides the products between “As new”, “Excellent”, and “Good”: in this way the buyer knows exactly what he will find in front of him and can weigh the cost with the expected quality.


To understand the quality of the service it is possible to refer, for example, to one of the resellers of the family: Simpaticotech makes its PCs available not only by refurbishing them through the analysis and intervention of its technicians, but It also comes with a new “Microsoft Authorized Refurbished” (MAR) license. The collaboration with Redmond has continued since 2010 (the only one in Europe), demonstrating the quality of the service offered.

MRA certification

Thanks to the agreement signed with Microsoft in 2011, we are able to install Microsoft operating systems on all used computers. We thus became the first company in Europe to solve the problem of re-installation of the operating system, as well as that linked to legality (installation without a license).

This allows you to have not only a perfectly functioning computer, but also a completely legal license to use the software (since it is like new from every point of view), which protects professionals and companies from any problem. Each PC – here is an example – also has an Acronis backup recovery license included and 1 year free with McAfee Antivirus: two not bad pluses, which add value and security to the product.

A refurbished laptop could even have additional RAM, a new higher-performance HDD or SSD: Simpaticotech, which also presents itself as an authorized HP Renew “Refurbished by Vendor” reseller, is the emblem of what seeks from its resellers, putting the quality and transparency of the offer in the foreground as conditions sine qua non for a relationship of trust with the customer.

Sustainable action

Choosing a refurbished product not only has a high commercial value (thanks to the significant savings possible) and technical value (since for the same cost you can get something better performing than the new one), but also a strong ethical value. Choosing regenerated products, in fact, means offering them a second life, without prematurely transforming them into e-waste. In fact, these are products that are too often put aside for the most disparate reasons, but certainly not for lack of performance: a work of analysis and regeneration can bring them back to full efficiency with minimal interventions, thus transforming them into great opportunities for those who choose them .

A thoughtful choice, in short: this is the way to considerably reduce your impact on the planet without sacrificing your productivity in any way. On the contrary.

Refurbished products offers laptops and servers, smartphones and tablets, as well as televisions and other household appliances. Particularly important is the PC catalog, on which Simpaticotech pours a large number of accessible options. A vast range of options animates a constantly updated showcase, which allows you to choose with maximum freedom the product that best suits your needs, the one that best combines the quality/price balance, the solution that responds to your points better than any other questions.

Certified products

Choosing a refurbished PC, server or laptop offers many advantages, as long as it is a reliable product: the system, based on resellers who operate according to standards and certifications of the caliber of Simpaticotech, means creating greater protection for the the buyer to have maximum operations with minimum costs. No risks to put on the table: products verified, reconditioned and guaranteed for one year, because this is the result of the goodness of the choices made upstream.

What for the customer is a quality choice, for the retailer it is a message of trust and for society it is ethical behavior: a virtuous mechanism, in short, from which emerges a shared value on which to bet.

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