The Xiaomi 15 Pro will have record-breaking thin bezels, other details emerge

The Xiaomi 15 Pro will have record-breaking thin bezels, other details emerge

Xiaomi recently launched its new models known by all as 14 and 14 Ultra, available globally. According to the latest rumors, however, it already seems that we are looking to the future given that there are already swirling rumors about the next generation Xiaomi 15 they are already circulating online.

Some rumors in the last few hours suggest that the 15 Pro could arrive with some notable innovations. According to sources, he may in fact have the smaller frames among smartphones, also setting a new record. In fact, we talk about alone 0,6 mm. It is also expected that the next flagship will be equipped with very advanced features.

The next Xiaomi 15 Pro will have a very thin design but not only that

Phones like the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24 series already feature minimal bezels, but Xiaomi aims to make them practically tiny. Just to give you an idea, the 0.6 mm bezels of the next Xiaomi 15 Pro could be less than half of the 0.6 mm bezels. 1,5 mm of the iPhone 15 Pro. This could therefore lead to a practically frameless experience for the first time, clearly distinguishing the Xiaomi 15 Pro from the rest of the smartphones on the market.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi 15 Pro is said to feature a fingerprint scanner ultrasounda change from the current optical fingerprint scanner found on board the 14 Pro.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners represent a new type of fingerprint reader that uses sound waves instead of light, thus acquiring an image 3D of the fingerprint. This makes them more secure and accurate than traditional fingerprint scanners, which can also fool images or prints.

The rumors have also hinted at some changes for the camera, which could integrate the arrival of a lens with zoom periscopico. It is certainly still a long way off as it is more or less a year away, but the sources seem very reliable.

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