There was a cryptocurrency app on Apple’s App Store that stole $100,000

There was a cryptocurrency app on Apple's App Store that stole $100,000

Lately there has been insistent talk about the possibility that Apple must allow sideloading of apps, i.e. the possibility of downloading applications from other stores. The reason why the Cupertino company is so against allowing all this for iPhone users is totally linked to security. The introduction of such an opportunity would in fact allow users to install potentially very dangerous apps on their devices. Generally, all virtual products that are downloaded onto an Apple device are checked even before the developers upload them to theApp Store.

In the case of sideloading this would not happen and therefore all users would be exposed to serious risks.

Apparently, however, this painstaking verification process is not always foolproof. In fact, there are several harmful apps that they manage to be listed in the App Store. In fact, Apple recently removed an app from its trusted market that allowed iOS users to illegally access streaming films and television programs. Now, however, the giant would have managed to defeat a real criminal app capable of steal money.

Apple cancels the fake cryptocurrency app that stole $100,000

The latest issue Apple has faced regarding its App Store involves a fake app named Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution. It all stems from the actual existence of an application called Rabby Wallet, currently under review by Apple.

In the meantime, however, a fake app for iOS has emerged that would have claimed many victims and taken away thousands and thousands of dollars. According to what has been reported, in fact 100,000 dollars would be stolen from poor users who fell for it.

The application managed to have a fruitful activity thanks to a very simple strategy: stealing the logo of the original application. Exactly three days ago the fake platform was still in the App Store but fortunately it will now be a distant memory.

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