This is why the GEMINI app doesn't work on your Android smartphone

Yesterday was very important for Googlewhich in fact has made a series of changes to its services related to artificial intelligence. Bard no longer exists in favor of Gemini, which thus officially becomes BigG’s reference AI. Same thing for Duet AI, but above all the new one becomes available app Gemini per Android.

The most exciting news, which also leaves some with a bit of nostalgia, is that once Gemini is installed, it will also replace it Google Assistant on smartphones. This means that by carrying out the classic long press on the power button or simply exclaiming “Hey Google”, Gemini will be activated.

For those who are most angry about the arrival of this news, Google fortunately allows you to cancel the change thus continuing to use Assistant normally. However, users who also want to use Gemini at the same time, leaving Google Assistant in its place, have encountered a problem.

Gemini and Google Assistant cannot work together: you have to choose

On Android, when you return to the Assistant, the Gemini app appears restore completely. If you reopen it next time you will therefore have to repeat the configuration process all over again. The discussion is therefore simple: they cannot be had at the same time the Google Assistant and Gemini working on the phone.

There is actually no reason why this should be the case. Having two voice assistants working at the same time would be useless. Colonists who want to use the new artificial intelligence can do so by going to the official website using their smartphone browser. All functions will be available. If you want to use the Gemini app instead, you have to go practically all-in: you cannot use other voice assistants.

Only those who are ready to use this new resource 100% must therefore install the application on their phone. We are in fact faced with a clear and significant step towards the future based on artificial intelligence. Users should be happy to replace Google’s assistant with Gemini, which is significantly more powerful and “human”.


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