Threads, the hashtags are arriving: another low blow to Twitter?

Threads, the social network launched a few months ago by Meta to compete with X (ex Twitter), finally introduced the hashtag.

These will simply be called “tag” on the platform and demonstrate how the project is constantly growing. The announcement came directly from Adam MosseriCEO of Instagramwhich yesterday.

In fact, the absence of hashtags was considered by many to be Threads’ main weakness. Launched with great fanfare, in fact, the platform seems to have lost some of its verve as the months have passed. This update aims precisely to revitalize the social network, relaunching it head-to-head with X.

Hashtags are a fundamental system in the context of social mediagiven that they allow “to label” the contents and to allow users to search by topic in a convenient way.

How Threads Hashtags Will Work

Tags, in reality, will be different from the general concept of hashtags. Compared to Instagram or X, in fact, those of Threads have concrete limitations: in fact, it will be possible to insert them only one per postwhile the two previous platforms have no limit in this sense.

The other big difference is that tags can be more than a single word. Unlike classic hashtags, these support spaces, addressing at least part of the previous gap. This choice, in fact, can avoid the abuse of hashtags that characterizes many contents on social media.

There is no separate interface for searching tags, but by searching for a term that matches a tag, you can find all posts in the discussion that use that particular term or phrase.

How to add a tag with Threads

Adding a tag to a post is not complicated at all. In this sense it is enough:

  • Type Threads post;
  • Select text from transform into tags;
  • Touch thespecific iconwhich will highlight the word or term as a new tag.

According to what Mosseri implied, however, the news on Threads does not end here. In this sense, the CEO hinted that, in the future, further steps forward will be taken to make the platform even more usable.


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