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Threads, the social network arrives in Europe: how it works

The wait is officially over. After the launch in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Meta’s new social network, which wants to challenge Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), is about to see the light in Europe too. Once the obstacles posed by European regulations on security and privacy protection have been overcome, Threads will be available to all users, who will finally be able to test and try out its features.

To announce it a countdown, which appears if you connect to the platform’s official website. To be precise, no indication is provided by the company on the page, but thanks to other details it now seems certain that the countdown refers to the official launch in Europe.

Threads arrives in Europe, how to activate the notification to access

According to the countdown on the official Threads website, the social network will be available to users Europeans starting from 14 December 2023. A few weeks before the new year, the company seems to have overcome all the obstacles posed by European legislation and is ready to spread the platform in other countries, in addition to the USA and the United Kingdom.

Threads will arrive in Europe already with the adjustments and updates that have been implemented in recent weeks to make the social network functional and to guarantee users a satisfactory experience. The purpose is to provide a viable alternative to the X microblogging platformformerly known as Twitter.

Meta’s new social network is closely linked to Instagram; therefore, it is a good idea to keep this latest application always up to date make sure you can access Threads as soon as it becomes available in Europe.

Furthermore, it is advisable to activate a special notification, specially designed for launch in Europe. To do this you need to log in to Instagram and type the word ‘ticket’ in the search field. A ticket icon will appear inside the field, which you need to click on.

You access a screen where you are presented with a rotating ticket that accurately reports the date and time of Threads’ arrival in Europe. Press on Remind me to activate the notification and receive an alert as soon as it is possible to access the platform.

Threads, success in the US and UK and how it works

The launch of Threads in Europe is awaited with great curiosity by social network enthusiasts. In the US and the UK the platform was received with interest and with a boom in access which, however, was followed by sudden abandonments and little published content. Over time the platform has been improved with the introduction of new features, which could make it successful.

Threads supports text messages of up to 500 characters, guarantees the possibility of having followers or following other users, allows the use of hashtags and the publication of images, emojis and other multimedia elements. Its operation is similar to Twitter, but to experiment with all the functions intended for the European public and any limitations you need to wait until launch day.

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