TikTok: AI Now Scripts Creator Ads

Artificial intelligence is also spreading like wildfire on social networks. In the specific case of TikTok, after the announcement of the Tako chatbot – designed to answer users’ questions about videos and recommend content similar to the one being played -, the ByteDance signed platform has launched a free AI tool within the TikTok Creative Center called “Script Generator”, which allows you to create advertising scripts in seconds.

TikTok lancia l’IA per i creator

As announced by TikTok itself, this script generator will make life easier for advertisers and digital marketers as it will make full ads at no cost. But how does it work, exactly? Advertisers will need to enter some basic information about the services or products they are offering and decide whether they want to broadcast an advertising video between 15 and 60 seconds. Once all the inputs have been placed, just click on “Generate script” to get a complete plan between scenes, call to actionhooks, and visual or audio cues.

Of course, this tool is not perfect: as with any other AI-generated content, the TikTok Creative Center Script Generator could also share inaccurate information. Additionally, ads may prove unoriginal and unintriguing to the viewer’s eyes, damaging branding and causing a performance decline on the account used to deliver ads.

The social managers themselves have warned that this feature should be used with great cautionand that all responsibility for any content created using the Script Generator, including ensuring that such content is accurate and compliant with applicable laws and regulations, rests with the advertisers.


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