TikTok also focuses on AI with the Tako chatbot

Artificial intelligence is present and entering every field. Social networks are not exempt, on which solutions are being implemented to make the activities of web users more satisfying and to fulfill their every request and desire. Also TikTok has provided some news in this regard: an AI chatbot called Tako.

Tako will be at the side of all the subscribers of the platform to make their stay on the social network more pleasant and enable them to find inspiring and interesting content. Let’s find out all the details and the expected times for the release.

Tako, the AI ​​chatbot coming to TikTok

It’s called Tako and it’s a chatbot based on artificial intelligence. This is the new TikTok project that will soon land on all users’ devices to be able to advise them videos and content based on what they require.

As reported by The Verge, a platform that shares news and insights on technology, the news was launched by Daniel Buchuk, an employee of Watchful Technologies, a company that identifies upcoming changes to applications. Tako it is an innovative tool that could totally change the way subscribers approach the platform and their search and browsing habits.

Tako, how the TikTok chatbot will work

Thanks to Daniel Buchuk you already have the first details of Tako’s operation. The icon for accessing the chatbot should be positioned, barring future changes, in the vertical menu to the right of the videos. It will be located above the icon of the profile that published the content and a tap on the button will suffice start a conversation with Tako.

In the chat screen, suggestions will be presented to allow the user to start the chat with the bot without any difficulty. At this point you can start asking Tako questions. According to the first rumors, he is able to answer a wide range of questions in a detailed and accurate way.

For example, if you’re watching a food-related video, you can ask Tako to search for a specific recipe. The chatbot will serve up a series of videos recipes featured on TikTok related to the question asked and previously watched content.

At the moment, TikTok has not made any official statements read more about Tako. Zachary Kizer, spokesman for TikTok, called it a limited experiment, being tested only in the Philippines. It is impossible to know the expected date for the official release. However, TikTok recently filed a trademark application for “chatbot software” under Tako’s name, suggesting that wider deployment may be imminent.

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