TikTok challenges Instagram with TikTok Notes, what it’s about

A new application signed TikTok. This may be the way Byte Dance, the company that launched the first platform, intends challenge one of its main competitors: Instagram. The Chinese company, after a long wait and many insistent rumors, would finally be ready to launch its new project, which focuses entirely on photographic content. The app would be called TikTok Notes.

According to initial reports, it would be an app that has a lot in common with Instagram and which, if it proved highly attractive, could reduce the number of subscribers to the Meta social network. Let’s find out all the details about this initiative.

TikTok Notes, what is the new app coming soon

It’s official: TikTok is actively working on a new app, dedicated specifically to photographs. The announcement was received by some users who saw a notification while using TikTok and which teased what is about to happen.

A TikTok spokesperson also said that the new app, which is currently not yet available, was designed to improve and innovate the user experience registered on the platform. The goal is to allow the community to share their creativity without limits in a space specifically dedicated to images.

TikTok will continue to exist and be improved with new features, designed mainly for sharing short, vertical videos, the content that has made it famous throughout the world.

But how will TikTok Notes work? According to initial rumors, when a user tries to share photos on TikTok they will automatically be published on the new application. The user will be able to decide to deactivate this option.

There is already a TikTok Notes site. Although not yet active, there is an image on the home page announcing its imminent arrival and that shows a preview of the interface. This might look familiar, as it has many similarities to Instagram.

TikTok and the challenge with Instagram, Meta does not stand by and watch

It is clear that the new application arriving and created by ByteDance represents a real challenge to Instagram, currently the main social network where photographic posts and images are shared. This is a tug of war in which Meta does not intend to be left behind and, for this reason, is working on a new video player for Facebook that will allow the viewing of vertical videos, i.e. the typical format of TikTok.

TikTok, similarly, is trying to broadening its horizons and experimenting with other formatssuch as videos that last up to 30 minutes, and short text posts such as those that can be shared on X, Elon Musk’s social network, and on Threads, Meta’s latest launch.

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