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TikTok focuses on accessibility, subtitles become automatic for everyone

TikTok is one of the most used social platforms of the moment. Thanks to numerous short, entertaining, informative and educational contents which are published daily, the social network has managed to win over a large number of users. To make their experience always satisfying, new features and new tools are frequently implemented.

Starting next year, a particularly useful and highly anticipated feature will be released on TikTok makes the platform more accessible for everyone: the application of automatic captions to all content that is uploaded and published. Let’s find out what it is and all the details of the news.

TikTok, changes coming: automatic subtitles

TikTok is warning all subscribers and especially creators that there will be some in the coming weeks important changes regarding automatic subtitles. The latter are already toggleable, but currently need to be enabled on each clip by clicking an optional switch.

In the not too distant future, the accessibility of the platform will be increased thanks to it to automatically apply subtitles to all eligible videos which were made in supported languages. Creators can edit subtitles and will still be able to edit or delete some parts, but they won’t be able to opt out of their application. There will therefore be more and more content on the platform on which it will be present.

Currently, TikTok is rolling out automatic captions for content in Englishbut will subsequently be created for other languages.

TikTok and the new feature, an important step for accessibility

TikTok’s new feature is an important step that aims to make all subscribers to the platform feel comfortable and comfortable reduce any type of obstacle. The social network thus becomes more inclusive and allows everyone to enjoy a positive and satisfying experience without linguistic limitations.

Automatic subtitles make all videos accessible for users who have hearing difficulties, but not only. This is a tool considered extremely useful also by all those who, for personal reasons, use TikTok with the sound turned off or set to a very low volume.

The use of automatic subtitles it may soon become the norm not only on TikTok, but also on other platforms where video content is published. They are already available in different languages ​​also on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram although at the moment they are not applicable to all videos and are not active by default, but exclusively based on the creator’s decisions.

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