TikTok, how to use it without hands

Among the social networks most loved by young web users is TikTok, a platform on which you can find many videos short, but original and creative, with a highly effective algorithm capable of proposing only what might be interesting.

Staying active for several minutes, sometimes hours, on TikTok is not difficult. The videos are so captivating that scrolling through dozens of proposals for a long consecutive time is not difficult. For facilitate the transition from one video to anotherthe platform is introducing a new feature: automatic scrolling.

The videos, which currently tend to repeat themselves if the user does not intervene to continue, will follow one another automatically, avoiding the need to use your hands while viewing content on TikTok. Let’s find out all the details of the news.

TikTok and automatic scrolling, what it is and who can activate it

Among the most requested features from TikTok developers is automatic scrolling, a way to view content one after another without having to intervene manually to continue. It is the ideal function for those who love to entertain themselves on the platform by watching a fair amount of videos every day.

Automatic scrolling is present only in the For You area, where videos selected by the algorithm specifically for the user based on their interests and past interactions are displayed. This is a feature which, in reality, is not a real novelty in the world of social networks, since it had already been included on YouTube way back in 2014.

After a long testing period, which lasted almost a year, TikTok has decided to spread the functionality to all users who view videos through the platform’s official application, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To obtain it you need to wait for it to be implemented on your device and then activate it. If it is not yet present, make sure you have updated the application to the latest version available.

How to turn on auto-scroll on TikTok and how to turn it off


Turn auto-scroll on and off on TikTok it is extremely simple and requires very few clicks which, however, can completely change your experience on the platform making it better and more satisfying.

To activate automatic scrolling launch the application and connect to the card For you. While a video is playing, press and hold the center of the screen and click the button Automatic scrolling present in the menu that opens. The function is now active.

To deactivate automatic scrolling requires the same procedure. Press the center of the screen while in the For You section is played and press the item in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen Automatic scrolling. The feature is now disabled.

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