TikTok, monthly subscription without advertising is ready

The great merit of a social network like TikTok is certainly to have made short video content famous in the world of social media. The great threat that this platform represented from the first moment for the large companies already in this field was so real that the others also took steps to introduce this type of video together with the related editing tools released for creators.

Giving TikTok the definition of trendsetter would therefore not be wrong at all. Currently, however, the situation seems to have reversed, since the well-known social network is thinking of imitating the trend followed by some applications in the social world. TikTok would have in fact thought of an option monthly subscription which would eliminate the advertising.

TikTok, goodbye to ads but only with a $4.99 subscription

Within the latest version of the application released with one of the latest TikTok updates, it was easy to identify some code strings. These indicate that the video content platform would be in the process of giving its users the option of a monthly subscription.

To be able to overcome the lack of advertising at that point, the well-known social network would need a fixed income and this is why it would have set the price of 4,99 $. At the moment there are no official announcements from the social network, but there would be plenty of confirmations.

It is assumed that at the moment it is therefore a test limited to only some users and that it could actually take place based on the success it will achieve in the places where the novelty will be distributed. It should also be noted that since this is a test phase, the final price could differ even slightly compared to what is being talked about at this time. New updates could arrive as early as tomorrow.


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