Sites to find the most used songs in Tiktok, the trending songs for ballet and video, with title and author of each music

TikTok chart Despite the controversy that accompanies it, TikTok has now become a social network widely used by young people (and not only) around the world, where it is especially fun to share memes and personalized ballets. Through TikTok, you can not only enjoy seeing celebrities, influencers and ordinary people go wild in skits and dances, but also discover new music, which has become an important and fundamental part of the platform. Together with the charts of Spotify and Apple Music, today, the cultural relevance of TikTok cannot be forgotten.

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Scrolling through the mini clips of TikTok, often also shared on Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to listen to the most trending songs of the moment, which are sometimes the most listened to hits, but other times they can be less known pieces. It can therefore be a lot of fun to know what songs do meme makers, celebrities and improvised dancers dance to. The short video platform also accepts music from all cultures, so it might be a nice list to check out these charts and find hits that might be from different countries.
If you want to know the title and the author of a music listened to in TikTok, you can use one of the app to recognize songs, such as Shazam. But if you want to discover the most danced and most used songs in TikTok videos, there is a perfect site.

Going up Tiktometer you can see title and author of the first 30 trending tracks on the TikTok app, the most used of the week, with an always updated ranking. Each track can be listened to directly on the site limited to the part used in the videos, but it can also be searched on Youtube or Spotify for full listening.
On Tiktometer it is also possible to see the titles of the 100 best hits of the last few months starting from 2018, month by month. Also, through a direct link, you can see the most viewed videos in TikTok with that song.

Another site to find out about the TikTok hits of the week or even the best hits of all time is ChartMetric, where you can then click on each song to see the videos.

If you want to find one ranking of the most used top songs on TikTok in Italy, you should go directly to the Tiktok website or app and check the list under the "Discover" section. On the Discover page on the TikTok app, you can see all the hashtags and ongoing challenges, then select the songs to create your own videos or to find them on Youtube or Spotify. To do first, this is the web page Discover TikTok where to find the trends of the moment, with the left column having to find the hashtags and the right column which is, in fact, the ranking of the Tiktok songs of the moment.

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