TikTok Notes available for download for some users: it will challenge Instagram

TikTok Notes available for download for some users: it will challenge Instagram

The rumors and anticipations about it had become incessant but now everything finally seems to be a reality: TikTok Notes is finally available for users on Android and iOS platforms, but not for everyone. In fact, the rollout would have officially started in some parts of the world but only for selected users.

The new application implemented by TikTok was born as an app photo-sharingexactly as Instagram. The objective now, therefore, is only one: to try to compete with the giant owned by Meta. The app will offer users a space dedicated to sharing their shots and signing up will be very easy: all you need to do is use your TikTok account.

At the moment the giant has not yet officially announced the availability of TikTok Notes, but it has been confirmed that it is currently being launched on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Stores in the territory canadian.

TikTok Notes has arrived, the gradual release is already shaking Instagram: will it be a worthy rival?

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At the moment the much talked about application is not yet available to the vast majority of users, not even in the United States. This gradual rollout is certainly not surprising, as the app has just launched and TikTok’s goal may be to want collect some feedback first. After an exploratory phase, we can start with global expansion through distribution on the various reference stores.

But how does TikTok Notes work? In terms of functionality, it will presumably revolve around photo sharing, with the main app obviously remaining focused on short videos.

Unlike Instagram, the TikTok Notes feed shows users a grid so they can have an overview of multiple posts at the same time. The user can then choose a single post to view it full screen by commenting and reading what other users have commented.

In short, it seems that now things are getting serious: Instagram could finally have a real and competitive rival, but the difficult decision will be up to posterity.

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