TikTok reacts to the ban threat and sues the US government

TikTok reacts to the ban threat and sues the US government

The question “TikTok” continues and every day takes on increasingly profound characteristics. Even if the president Biden together with the House and Senate of the United States gave its assent to the law on ban of TikTok, the app appears to not have thrown in the towel yet.

In fact, recently the CEO of the famous social app promised that he would go all the way by rejecting the ban on the sender. Apparently at the moment ByteDanceor the parent company of TikTok, would have responded with one lawsuit against the United States governmentturning the entire situation into the hands of the law.

TikTok continues the battle: the law established by the USA would be unconstitutional

TikTok is therefore about to have the doors of the court opened precisely because of that law which provides, according to the wishes of the United States, that ByteDance, which owns the app, sells to a US fund. If not, TikTok would have to abandon the US and lose over 700 million of active users. Within the legal filings, TikTok argues that Congress has gone where no one has gone before. That would only mean one thing: TikTok would be targeted, and with a deal settled.”unconstitutional”.

The documents currently state that the sale of ByteDance is simply not feasible, especially within the established deadline 270 days. We will therefore try to leverage this quibble as well as the unconstitutionality of the measure.

Just last month, President Biden signed a law, granting ByteDance nine months to sell TikTok or leave the United States. The reason would be related to national security concerns. The lawsuit filed by the social network, however, claims that the US government has not shown evidence that China is doing shady deals with TikTok.

Another important quibble concerns Chinese law: this provides for the ban on the sale of algorithms and source codes without CCP approval.

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