TikTok: there is talk of split source code for a US-only algorithm

TikTok: there is talk of split source code for a US-only algorithm

The question United States e TikTok comes to the heart of a legal battle with uncertain outcomes.

In this climate of uncertainty, a report published by the well-known news agency is quite sensational Reuters. According to the same, in fact, ByteDance would be working to create one new version of the algorithm of the platform, to adapt it to the needs of the US market.

The information, coming from anonymous sources, confirms that this project could, however, still take a long time to be implemented, with timing that could exceed a year. According to what has been rumored, the new source code would differ quite a bit from what currently regulates TikTok.

According to sources contacted by Reuters, the code split could constitute a first step towards selling the company.

Potential split TikTok source code for easier sale? The platform denies it

Despite this, from the official account of Xcomes a tweet from TikTok that defines the Reuters report as “Misleading and factually inaccurate“.

TikTok spokesperson via email Michael Hughes made the company’s point of view known to the site The Verge. For Hughes, in fact, the developers are working to improve TikTok but it has strongly denied the source code split.

On the other hand, the challenge with the American government is now longstanding. The closeness of ByteDance to Beijing, in fact, worries American politicians quite a bit who see all this as an enormous danger, also due to the enormous diffusion of the social network.

In the meantime, however, the platform does not stop, with developers ready to find new solutions to make it even more effective. For example, just a few weeks ago, a project aimed at proposing began video content of longer duration (Also 60 minutes). This goes against the trend of TikTok’s history which owes much of its popularity to clip of a few seconds.

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