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TikTok, with Out of Phone, leaves the screens and arrives in the real world

In recent years, TikTok has become one of the most used and most appreciated social networks by users, who spend a lot of time of their days scrolling through the platform’s feed to view content. Companies have understood its potential and they have invested in advertisements to reach an increasingly wider audience.

In order to satisfy users, organizations and companies, TikTok has decided to find new ways for the community to enjoy content and to allow brands to make the most of the potential of the platform. To do this, he decided to go beyond the limits imposed by the small screen and arrive in reality, with the Out of Phone initiative.

Out of Phone by TikTok, what it consists of

With Out of Phone companies can count on new solutions to reach your audience in real life through TikTok. Maxi screens, billboards, kiosks, screens positioned in bars, cinemas, restaurants, airports, petrol stations, shops and much more become precious allies.

The brands, with this extremely innovative solution, they can stream the most engaging and entertaining content made for TikTok wherever they wantalso capturing the attention of those who are not registered on the social network.

TikTok makes available different ways to project your content. Companies will be able to choose the one they deem most suitable by starting an advertising campaign on the platform.

To ensure a satisfactory experience for both users and companies, TikTok has started collaborations with partners who deal with out-of-home and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. The programs were customized based on the target spaces and target audiences.

Only the most popular and recent TikTok content. Many important companies operating in different sectors internationally have already started campaigns.

Out of Phone, where you can see TikTok content

There are many places where companies can choose to display their published content on TikTok, with or without the help of creator. Among the many possible solutions there are: Adversting board of digital type, positioned in the passage areas.

TikTok also arrives on the big screenthanks to the solution Out of Phone: Cinema. The experience of the platform is replicated on cinema screens, impacting the audience present in the theater in the moments before the screening of the film or during the break. Brands will be able to project their best content and thus advertise the products and services offered.

They will be usable all screens present in the surrounding world, including those inside businesses, bars, restaurants, places of passage such as airports and train stations and public places.

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