Tim Cook confirms: Apple AI features later this year

Tim Cook confirms: Apple AI features later this year

Passionate Apple and professionals have been asking themselves a question for some time: when and how the company created by Steve Jobs will propose a solution in the field ofArtificial intelligence?

Apparently, it will take a few more months to have a concrete answer to this question. Thursday afternoon, during a conference, the CEO Tim Cook officially stated that the company is working on software features of Generative AI. This project should materialize with products accessible to users”Before the end of the year” according to Cook himself.

All this confirms the recent rumors that the arrival of iOS 18 it would have finally marked the introduction of this technology into the Apple ecosystem. The CEO wanted to remain vague about what will actually be presented to users, ensuring that in the future the company will continue to invest time and money in AI.

The analysts present at the conference tried to get Cook to unbutton, but he was clear “Our modus operandi, if you like, has always been to work and then talk about work, and not to come out into the open. And so we will keep faith in this too. But we have some things that we’re incredibly excited about, which we’ll talk about later this year“.

Apple ecosystem and AI: the big moment is finally coming

Before concluding his speech, Cook himself added “I would just say that I think there is a huge opportunity for Apple with Artificial Intelligence and generative AI, without going into much further detail or going too far ahead“.

Among users, as is logical, enthusiasm is growing. On the other hand, the features that affect AI have potential application in various fields, ranging from advanced photo editing until’word processing.

Apple will most likely not limit itself to “copying” something already available, offering advanced solutions for its loyal customers. If all this can be interesting in context iOSit must then be taken into account that also iPadOS e macOS will probably benefit from these introductions

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