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Tinder, with Matchmaker friends and family can recommend a partner

Finding your soul mate is not at all simple, which is why dating apps are increasingly used and manage to attract the attention of a greater number of people who decide to sign up and try them. Among the most famous and downloaded ones is Tinder, which tries to provide users with everything they need to be able to meet in complete safety and to increase the chances of a perfect match.

With this in mind, it has recently implemented a new function, which it also involves friends and family who will be able to provide their advice, becoming real Cupids. The functionality is called matchmaker: let’s find out how it works.

Tinder, matchmaker arrives: what it’s all about

Matchmaker, that’s it the name of the new feature which allows friends and relatives of Tinder registered users to access the platform and provide advice on possible matches and encounters.

A decidedly innovative choice in the world of dating apps, which comes after a survey carried out by the company in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America. The subjects involved in the investigation were users aged between 18 and 25.

As many as 75% of the people interviewed revealed that they discuss appointments with your friends and loved onesasking for advice and suggestions.

According to Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer of Tinder, the new feature was implemented to make it easier for users to compare with those around them and to allow them to receive help in finding a soul mate. It will be more It is easy to identify new opportunities and avoid overlooking possible matches considered valid by the people closest to the user.

Tinder matchmaker, how it works

Tinder Matchmaker works very simply and anyone who wants to help a friend can use it, regardless of whether they sign up to the platform. To send an invitation that authorizes people to provide advice is the user himself, who can share a unique link with up to 15 people. The connection is valid for 24 hours.

Whoever receives the invitation will have a day to monitor Tinder and recommend profiles to friendly users. At the end of the process, a list will be shown to the user who can attempt to approach the accounts reported by their loved ones. The latter will in no case be able to contact potential matches on the user’s behalf or take initiatives.

The feature is rolling out and initially it will only be available in some countries: Brazil, Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. Later, it will roll out to all other locations where Tinder is available used.

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