Introducing a smart cordless vacuum cleaner that revolutionizes cleaning at home and in the office. How it looks and what are its main advantages.

The mid-August period often brings important discounts for those interested in buying exclusive technological products normally offered during the year at decidedly higher prices.

A very valid product on offer only for a few days on Amazon Europe is the Smart Tineco Floor One S3 scrubber vacuum cleaner that can be purchased in promotion at 309 euros instead of 409 euros (free shipping and delivery).

To benefit from the discount, simply activate the codice coupon available on the Amazon page then enter the code TINECOFLOOR3 (valid until midnight on August 15, 2021) at the time of placing the order.

What the smart Floor One S3 wireless vacuum cleaner looks like and how it works

Tineco Floor One S3 it is a product that appears to be a normal electric broom but is actually a cordless vacuum cleaners that connects with your smartphone and integrates some decidedly intelligent features.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

Compact and versatile Tineco Floor One S3 weighs approximately 4.5 kg and can be used on any type of floor including terracotta and wood/parquet floors. The important thing, the manufacturer recommends, is to limit yourself to hard surfaces. We have obtained excellent results both on smooth floors and on rougher materials.

Although it is designed for use indoors, we have also used it with satisfaction on porches and terraces.

Although made of plastic in order to contain costs and reduce the weight of the device, Floor One S3 is well designed: it consists of two separate tanks, the first must be filled with clean water and detergent formula (capacity 0.6 litres); the second holds the dirty water (0.5 litres) and the residues collected during floor vacuuming and cleaning.

As the capacity of the two containers suggests, Floor One S3 is a device created to facilitate the cleaning large surfaces using very little water.

Il scrubber roller Tineco (there are two in the package together with two HEPA filters) rotates and is continuously cleaned so that the dirty water never comes into contact with the pavement. This avoids having to vacuum first and then having to mop or mop one or more times.

In fact, traditional cleaning often tends to leave halos on the floor and the result is rarely perfect except by carefully washing the cloth.

Not to mention the outdoor environments: many of us use the pressure washer for more thorough cleaning and then pass the wet cloth one or more times. But even in this case, especially in very dusty environments, in the countryside, frequented by pets, exposed to the elements, cleaning is almost never satisfactory.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

Floor One S3 is a truly revolutionary device because it is “all in one” and allows you to vacuum and wash floors at the same time, even very dirty ones, using little water.

Tineco suggests using the company’s bottle of cleaning formula because it was developed to allow for deep cleaning of stubborn dirt without marring surfaces. It also helps to avoid any odor if water is left in the main tank for several days.

In any case, the important thing is not to use products that generate foam: otherwise the functioning of the engine could be severely damaged.

The device is equipped with a color LED display which returns information on the status of the product, on that of the brush, on the clean and dirty water tanks.

Floor One S3 integrates an intelligent sensor (iLoop) which checks the amount of dirt on the floor and automatically adjusts the suction power and the amount of water released. By pressing the button “auto-max” located on the handle, you still have the option of activating the most powerful cleaning mode by temporarily disabling any control.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

The remaining battery level is indicated in the upper part: in “auto” mode, the operating time of Floor One S3 is approximately 35 minutes, which decreases to 25 minutes if used in “max” mode. A complete recharge requires 4 to 5 hours with the device inserted on the base which is in turn connected to the electrical wall socket.

The colored ring that surrounds the display changes color based on the amount of dirt detected by the sensor iLoop: the color is blue when the floor requires quick cleaning while it progressively tends to turn towards red when it is necessary to automatically increase the power and quantity of water.

Smart features and smart sensors

In addition to the presence of an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the suction power and the water released on the floor during cleaning, Floor One S3 is a smart device which connects with Android or iOS smartphone via app.

Installing the app is recommended because only using it will you be able to change your preferred language when you switch on the floor cleaner for the first time.

In fact, during use, a voice guide provides information on the status and operation of Floor One S3, indicating in Europen when the clean water tank must be refilled and when it is essential to clean the container of dirty water, dust and residues. Two icons that light up on the display confirm the need to clean the tanks, which can however also be verified via the application.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

The same app provides information on the volumes of water saved, allows you to receive reminders on when it is good to clean the rooms, on the power and nebulization level of the water, on the status of the device and on its cleanliness.

The beauty of Floor One S3 is that at the end of the job it is possible to insert the floor cleaning vacuum cleaner into its base and then press the appropriate button on the handle or touch the corresponding button in the app to start a final cleaning operation.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

Using the mains power supply, Floor One S3 thoroughly cleans the roller and the channel used to collect dirt and residues from the floor. For the operation, the contents of the clean water tank are once again used and must not be empty (otherwise you will be asked to fill it again). After each use and in any case after thorough cleaning, you are asked to clean the dirty water tank.

When carrying out the final cleaning, it is usually not necessary to manually clean the scrubber roller: in any case, it can be removed and washed, making sure, however, not to use foamy detergents.

To configure the Tineco app and connect with the floor cleaner, simply install it on your Android or iOS mobile device, then scan the serial number printed on a label applied to the device when prompted. The app automatically connects to the WiFi hotspot temporarily created on the Floor One S3 and allows you to pass the data of the local wireless network to the floor cleaner.

In this way Floor One S3 can communicate with the app installed on the Android and iOS device with the possibility of being eventually managed with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Pros and cons of Floor One S3

We have already mentioned versatility among the advantages of Floor One S3: easy to transport and use on any surface, Tineco’s floor cleaning vacuum cleaner proves to be an indispensable companion both at home and in the office.

Its main prerogative is that of using very little water for cleaning the floor which is immediately dry even with a double pass. The tanks are correctly sized even if to vacuum and wash very dirty and large surface floors it may be necessary to clean the dirt container several times and refill the clean water container.

The fact of being a cordless vacuum cleanershowever, is a huge advantage: any type of environment can be cleaned effortlessly and very quickly.

The only drawback, unfortunately common to many other products, is that the roller is unable to wash floors at a distance of less than a couple of centimeters from the perimeter walls. Dust and dirt residues are still sucked up but it is not possible to get close to every wall in a perfect way. There are currently no accessories to clean the corners.

Furthermore, the device does not allow you to deactivate the floor cleaning function which is always active together with the suction function.

The handle is ergonomic so it is very practical to use; the two tanks are also very simple to remove and reinstall. An advantage is certainly the fact that Floor One S3 stands on its own.

As indicated at the beginning, Floor One S3 is perhaps not very light but it is a device which, thanks to the way it has been engineered, is stable on the floor and powerful. Furthermore, it is not difficult to move it because once positioned it moves easily: the roller, in fact, allows you to move the floor cleaner vacuum cleaner without any effort.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

Floor One S3 surprises for the quality of the result: it had no difficulty in making any floor shiny. The floor cleaning vacuum cleaner has removed dirt of any kind and both solid and liquid kitchen residues (flour, sugar, tomato, eggs, rice, milk, coffee,…) but also animal hair, mud, dust, sand, small gravel and stone residues,…

The charging base, also made of plastic, has two supports on the sides that allow you to store the additional scrubber brush, the additional HEPA filter and the 3-in-1 cleaning tool.

The color display is not touch but in the end all operations are simplified with the help of voice messages and the smartphone app.

How to buy Tineco Floor One S3 on offer

To buy the Tineco Floor One S3 vacuum cleaner in promotion, just visit this page on Amazon Italy and then tick the box Applica coupon 60 euro and finally click on Add to Cart.

If the button Add to Cart did not appear click View all purchase options.

Tineco Floor One S3 smart floor cleaner: how it works

With a click on the button Proceed to order when the final report appears, you can type the codice coupon TINECOFLOOR3 in the box Coupons, promotional codes in order to obtain an additional discount of 40 euros (the code is valid until midnight on August 15th 2021).


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