Tiscali Mobile down: today it is impossible to navigate

Tiscali Mobile down: today it is impossible to navigate

For some hours, as confirmed by the accumulation of reports on Downdetector, users who use SIM Tiscali Mobile are affected by a problem that prevents them from exchanging data over the Internet. The problem, confirmed to us by several readers and verified by the editorial staff itself, has affected holders of Tiscali Mobile users since at least late morning today (19 February 2024). The telephone and SMS services are, at the moment, regularly operational but it appears impossible to navigate.

Next to the signal strength indication, on the smartphone with the Tiscali Mobile network enabled, no icon such as 4G, 4G+, 5G no longer appears. Only for very short stretches did the “E” (EDGE) icon appear which – as we know – is the evolution of the historic GPRS but does not offer the bandwidth sufficient to carry out any kind of operation on the Web.

Tiscali Mobile down for several hours: what to do

At the moment, attempts to restart the device, temporarily deactivate the data module or put the terminal in flight mode and then restore normal operating mode after a few seconds of inactivity. This is the advice that telecommunications operators usually provide in the event of anomalies but which in this case have no effect.

In the case of the incident that occurred today on the Tiscali Mobile network, support confirms that it is aware of “inconveniences“. Technicians are currently working to restore data service “as quickly as possible”.

In these cases, therefore, the only way is to be patient while waiting for the problem to be resolved. In the meantime, however, who has one smartphone dual SIM can rely, at least for a short period, on another provider. Which is absolutely essential if you find yourself far from the office or home for work and cannot rely on one WiFi.

The key: having a dual SIM smartphone and a backup user for emergencies

How do we do it? We have one Secondary SIM which we keep active and use, as needed, in the event of situations such as the one affecting the Tiscali Mobile network today. Based on the contractual conditions, the other operator does not charge anything and does not apply any charges if the cost of monthly fee of the subscribed offer is not at least equal to the remaining amount on the SIM.

In this way, we can keep the accessory card ready to be used only when needed and get out of trouble when network problems arise with the main operator. One approach smart which has allowed us, several times, to continue working when we find ourselves away from the office.

In the case of dual SIM phones, just go to the settings (section SIM and mobile networks or similar) then choose, among the cards inserted in the phone (including eSIM, where supported) which one to use, by default, for calls and which one to use instead online browsing (“data sheet”).

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