Today is International Emoticon Day

Born at the end of the new years, the multicolored smileys have changed our lives and today they are part of everyone’s life: they allow us to overcome barriers of language, age, culture.
Today is International Emoticon Day

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The emoticons, the funny yellow smiley faces that we find on WhatsApp and in social networks, celebrate their day.The anniversary was born from the idea of ​​the Australian Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia, a private company voting member of the organization that decides the emojis to add to the existing ones and guarantees their compatibility between languages, formats, operating systems and devices of all kinds. They were born in 1995 and there were just 76: today there are more than 3000.

Today, if there is a word to express a concept, with reasonable certainty it can be said that there is also an emoji or emoji to do so. The word “emoji” literally translates from Japanese as “image” (e) and “character” (moji). Their modern history begins in 1999, when telephone operator NTT DOCOMO introduced a series of 176 pictograms for cell phones and pagers with the intention of making it easier to write text messages and emails.

It was created by a Japanese graphic designer, The most famous emoticon, the smiley, had already existed for some time: the trademark was registered in 1971 by the French journalist Franklin Loufrani. The arrival of emojis in the West, however, is mainly due to Apple. First it included them in iPhones with a Japanese operating system to enter the local market, then, in 2011, it made them an integral part of iOS5, available worldwide.

Meta recently announced that you can react to a message with any emoji, and not just with reactions like on Facebook. Among the sports emojis most used by Italians are the soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, the athlete who lifts weights and the swimmer.

In the world, however, they lead football, cricket, rugby and baseball, sports much more popular in America. As for food, the most used are the birthday cake, the glass and the bottle of sparkling wine. For the beginning of next year, 31 new emojis have already been approved. Among others, the pink heart, the moose head, the donkey, the goose, the fan, the jellyfish and the maracas, the hands that give high five, both right and left, will arrive.


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