Bethesda promises that Starfield will be a similar title to Skyrim but set in space; in addition it will have unique content for this episode as Bethesda is focusing a lot on the Microsoft exclusive.
Todd Howard explains what we can expect from Starfield

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Over the weekend we saw what Starfield is like through a long gameplay video: currently the author Todd Howard has shared a series of news through a long interview with an industry journalist. Through the statements, the main goal of Starfield is to become the biggest game currently made by Bethesda, and explains that it will do anything by including space combat against pirates of the cosmos in MechWarrior style.

Through the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase held on Sunday, June 12, Howard brought players a tour of the Starfield galaxy from combat sequences to neon city lights and more. With the end of the Starfield demo video it was announced that there will be over 1,000 worlds to visit. Through an in-depth interview with a well-known site, Howard specified what he was referring to in the statements, and what players should have expected from the title they are making.

Also during the interview Howard specified that the planets of the world of Starfield will be generated procedurally, or from time to time based on where we would go, and not randomly.

When we visit the planets, players will be able to do whatever they want on the stars, from recovering resources, building bases, to completing missions from the secondary up to the main ones related to the main storyline. Howard confirmed that the narrative will be an important point of the experience, managing to snatch more than 40 hours of gameplay from the players.

Even if there are over 1,000 planets there will be few megacities, including New Atlantis, which is the capital of the Constellation faction, one of the many groups that govern the Starfield universe. Howard described this universe as “NASA meeting Indiana Jones and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. In this scenario you can also perform many mini missions such as cooking, modifying your ship until you get to break an infinite number of locks making New Atlantis, at the moment, the most lively city among the role-playing games in the world of Bethesda. according to Howard.


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