Tools to facilitate decision-making processes

Making decisions is a task of significant importance, which is part of the managerial process, but not only. Anyone, every day, in the workplace is found to make small or big choices, which involve more people and which require the investment of resources. Making the right choices is important to avoid losses and to maximize your productivity. To do this, digital tools can be used, such as virtual bulletin boards or interactive whiteboards, which allow you to organize, share and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

These tools facilitate decision-making processes that are usually very long and complex, regardless of the issues dealt with (administrative, strategic, business or other), since they allow the collection of information and data by those involved in project managementreal-time collaboration with other team members, scheduling, remote brainstorming and work on projects anytime, anywhere.

More precisely, these are applications, software and tools to which it can be accessed for free and by subscribing to subscriptions that give access to advanced features.

Advantages of using digital tools for decision-making processes

project management tools

Use the tools offered by the web during decision-making processes and, more generally, in organizing work and projects, has important advantages which allow you to achieve the goals you set yourself more easily.

First important advantage consists in the information sharing. Most digital tools allow for collaboration between multiple people, the dissemination of ideas, and the sharing of data. The work is transparent and it is easy to spot errorsdifficulties and opportunities to be seized.

Work becomes faster, as multiple employees can work simultaneously on the same project, updating information in real time and discussing with colleagues at any time

Through interactive whiteboards and virtual bulletin boards it is easier to collect relevant and useful information and identify all alternative courses of action. Activities can be planned precisely and the progress of processes can be monitored and controlled. This allows al project manager to intervene quickly if the desired results are not being obtained.

Thanks to the presence of quality data and information and the transparency of decision-making processes, uncertainty is reduced.

Virtual bulletin boards, how to use the aggregators of notes, resources, data and information

Virtual bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are useful because they allow you to aggregate notes, documents, resources, data, information and everything you need to efficiently organize a team and to be able to make an informed decision.

There are several solutions on the web. One of the most popular is Padlet, a tool that allows you to create tidy and aesthetically pleasing bulletin boards to organize and present projects. You can create maps, Kanban boards, timelines, portfolios, organization charts, presentations, photo albums, news feeds and video playlists, among other content.

To pages you can add text, video, images and so on. Contents can be aligned automatically, buttons, backgrounds can be added, different fonts can be chosen, emoticons and other elements can be added.

Projects can be shown to others via a shareable presentation with link or QR code or they can be exported to PDF. Padlet enables real-time collaboration, with live split-screen updates. It can be used anywhere and on any type of device thanks to the presence of an app for web, one for mobile devices (iOS or Android), Chromebook, PC and Mac.

You can access Padlet for free, but if you want to use the advanced functions or have more storage space, you need to subscribe to a subscription that starts at 6.99 euros per month

Linoitor Lino, allows the creation of multimedia bulletin boards. It has a simple and intuitive interface, easy to use even if not translated into Europen. It allows for brainstorming and consists of a bulletin board on which to share videos, images and notes and share them with your collaborators or friends. It can be used for free.

Interactive whiteboards, the ideal solution for collaborating

work with interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are the ideal digital solution to collaborate in a smart way as they facilitate the development of projects, the dissemination of ideas and comparison. They are always active and can be modified at any time of the day and from any location, as long as you have the authorization to carry out interventions on the worksheet.

A platform to use to collaborate and creating interactive whiteboards is Miro. Here teams can come together and work on common projects. Brainstorming can be done, allowing everyone to present creative ideas and develop with sticky notes, images, maps, videos, drawings and other elements.

On Miro you can making diagrams, organizing meetings or workshops, making strategic planning and further activities. Free access offers the possibility to have 3 editable whiteboards, work on more than a thousand pre-existing templates and integrate apps such as Zoom, Slack, Google Drive and Sketch. If you want unlimited whining and advanced features, you need to sign up for a subscription plan that starts at around $10 a month.

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