Transfer files between Android phones (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)

File Android If we have a mobile phone with Android system and we meet a friend with a phone with the same operating system, exchanging files and transferring them from one phone to another is really very simple. Indeed they can transfer files from one android mobile to another even if they are not connected to the same network Wi-Fi and even if there is no internet connection. Some apps use Bluetooth, good for exchanging one or two files by sending it from one mobile to another while if a wireless network is available it is advisable to use it since with it we can send a very large and heavy group of files.

In the following guide we will show you the best apps to transfer files from an android mobileeither using Bluetooth or using Wi-Fi as a means of communication between the two phones, so you can quickly exchange any type of file.

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Transfer files between Android phones

The methods that we will show you will allow you to easily transfer files from one Android smartphone to another, without complex procedures or paid apps (completely useless in this case, given the abundance of free apps and methods).

Google Nearby Sharing

The first method we recommend you use is Sharing nearby, a feature introduced in Android for years and that we can take advantage of directly from the options menu in the notification bar (the Toogle menu). To use this function, all we have to do is lower the notification area from the top bar, press the pencil icon or the icon at the top Edit and press the key Sharing nearby.
Google sharing

In the screen that opens, we choose the visibility of the device (we can change it by pressing on change) and activate the function by pressing the Activate button; after activation we can use any file manager to share and choose the devices available nearby (obviously they must be Android devices with an active Google account).

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Sharing via Google Files

Another very simple and immediate method to transfer files between Android phones involves the use of the app Files di Googleavailable for free from the Google Play Store.
Files Google

Once the app has been downloaded on both devices, open it on the sending device, press at the bottom of the menu Share and press on Send; in the same way we open the app on the recipient device, let’s go to the same menu Sharewe press on you receive and press on the sender app’s nickname, which will appear on the screen if we keep the phones close enough. After the connection we will be able to send any file on the phone, using the Google file manager.

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File sharing via Mi Share (Xiaomi)

If both devices are Xiaomi we can also use the Mi Share dedicated system to transfer files between Android phones in a similar way to when seen for Google Sharing.
My Share

To use this method we open the app Settings on both Xiaomi devices, let’s take the path Connection and Sharing -> Mi Sharelet’s activate the voices My Share e Activate Mi Share automatically then we choose a unique name for both devices. Now all we have to do is open the app File Management or any other file manager on the sending device, press on the file or photo to share, press at the bottom on Share and choose the device name at the top of the menu.

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Other methods to transfer files between Android mobile

What we have shown you above are the methods really affordable for all Android smartphones to be able to quickly exchange files between devices using the Wi-Fi network. In this context we can also find some alternative apps, to be used on older devices or on phones on which Google sharing does not work:

  • Super Sharing is a very simple to use app that creates an ad-hoc network between devices and allows exchange even large files over Wi-Fi, with direct connection. It doesn’t matter that a Wi-Fi network is available or that there is internet; this app creates an ad hoc network from a mobile phone to which other smartphones can connect. You can also use the app to transfer files to an Android device without the app installed or to a computer connected to the same ad hoc network created.
  • ShareIt is, among the many Wi-Fi transfer applications for Android, perhaps the most downloaded in the world, because it is simple and easy to use. The app is designed to quickly transfer files from an old Android smartphone to a new one, but it can also be used effectively between two phones to share files without using an internet connection and without having to use “cloud” storage.
  • Xender is an excellent and popular free Android application that allows you to transfer files between two Android smartphones. If two mobile phones have Xender installed, no active internet connection is needed, just activate Wi-Fi on both and establish communication. Through the application it is possible to transfer applications, files, images, photos, music, videos and any other file from one mobile phone to another, through a simple interface where you can select the elements to be exchanged.
  • Zapya is another easy and useful application to transfer files from one Android phone to another or even to an iPhone, a Windows Phone and a PC. This app works even if a wireless network or data connection is not available.
  • BlueTooth File Transfer allows you to browse and browse the files of any device connected via Bluetooth. From the application you can receive files and send contact cards from the address book.

Among these apps we will surely find the one that’s right for us to quickly share photos and files of all kinds.


If we have Android devices we have different methods and apps to be able to exchange files using the Wi-Fi network (in most cases) or the Bluetooth connection (which has now fallen into disuse due to slowness). We advise you to immediately use the methods integrated into modern Android devices or Xiaomi and, only if we have problems with the latter, rely on dedicated apps.

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