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File da PC ad iPhone If we own an iPhone we can transfer files such as photos, videos and music using sai iTunes (on Windows PC) that the Finder (on Mac); in addition to the official Apple program, we can use valid alternatives for transferring any type of file, so as to effectively upload files even without having to go through iTunes.

There are several methods to transfer music, files and videos to iPhone and iPad from PCso as to be able to manage the memory of Apple devices also on other PCs without having to use paid programs or ineffective solutions.

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1) iTunes (PC)

To immediately transfer multimedia content from PC to iPhone, connect the device using a USB or USB-C cable to the PC to be used for the transfer; in addition to the cable we can also use the Wi-Fi synchronizationgreat for transferring files without a USB cable.

After connecting the iPhone to the PC, we open iTunes, provide the necessary permissions to continue and press on the small phone-shaped icon at the top, so as to open the iPhone summary window.

To transfer photos, videos and music from PC to iPhone, press on the menu File sharingwe press on addwe explore the folders on the computer, select the file or files we want to transfer then press on add to add them to your iPhone.

2) Finder (Mac)

If we use a Mac or a MacBook the procedure is even simpler, given that the iPhone management system is integrated into the system’s file manager (i.e. Finder).

To proceed, let’s open the app Finder (after connecting the iPhone via USB cable to the Mac) and press on the name of the iPhone in the left column, under the section Positions.

We then open the reference menu at the top for the content to be loaded (for example Photo), click on Sync photos to device from and select the folder to synchronize between Images, Photo o Choose folderusing the Mac management system to choose what to synchronize.

Alternatively we can also activate the voice Selected foldersindicate which folders to use and finally synchronize the content on the iPhone.

3) PairDrop (web)

A really fast and immediate method to transfer photos, videos and music from PC to iPhone involves using the site PairDropcapable of functioning without passing any files across the Internet (the site only serves to make devices present on the same Wi-Fi network visible).

To use the service let’s make sure that both the PC and the iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network then we open the site indicated above on the PC; subsequently we also open the same site on the iPhone using Safari or Chrome.

If we have done everything correctly the two devices will see each other within the respective browser window; to upload files from the PC to the iPhone all we have to do is press on the temporary name assigned to the iPhone from the browser window on the PC, then choose which file to upload to the device.

From the iPhone, simply accept the sending request and, in the sharing window that opens, finally press on Save to File to save the file just transferred from the PC.

This method is safe (no files are saved or spied on in the process and the entire site is under open source license) and it is also very fastovercoming any problems with transferring files from PC to iPhone.

4) VLC

One of the most convenient methods for transferring music, files and videos to an iPhone and iPad without iTunes is to use the free VLC app, which can be downloaded for portable Apple devices from here -> VLC.

Once the app has been downloaded on the Apple device, open it, swipe the left edge of the app to open the side panel and then click Sharing via Wi-Fi. As soon as the button is active, the iPhone’s internal memory will be available over the network to any PC that wants to connect.

We then open a PC, open any web browser (Google Chrome is fine), type the IP address or URL provided by VLC itself in the address bar to access the screen where it is possible to upload new files or download those present on the ‘iPhone or iPad.

To insert new files on the iPhone or iPad, simply drag the files into the section of the window called Drop files or alternatively click on the + symbol at the top right to open the file manager.
To download any file contained in the memory of the Apple device, simply select them within VLC on mobile and click on the button Download to bring them to your PC.

The method works very well with music, images and videos but we can also use it for documents.

4) iMazing

A program that we can use on PC instead of iTunes to transfer any type of file to the iPhone isiMazing.

To use this program, all we have to do is install it on our PC with Windows, connect our iPhone or iPad to the PC using the appropriate cable and open the program, which will immediately begin to communicate with the device and offer all the features already seen on iTunes without the limitations and defects of the latter.

With iMazing we can transfer any file from the PC to the Apple device, make security backups, transfer contacts, apps and messages from one iPhone to another and move music much more easily.

No limits are imposed: we can also connect multiple iPhones and iPads together, even associated with different accounts, without fear of losing anything.

5) TunesGo

Another very good program for transferring all types of files to Apple devices without using iTunes is TunesGo.

Once installed on the PC we will be able to manage any type of file both on Android devices and with Apple devices, moving music from iTunes to any other device, transferring files between devices even with different operating systems and saving all files, contacts and messages on the iPhone and iPad on the PC disk.

Definitely one of the best software that we can use to transfer music, files and videos to iPhone and iPad without iTunes.

Other apps to transfer photos, videos and music from PC to iPhone

1) A small free program that we can use to quickly move files within the iPhone or iPad without using iTunes is WALTR PRO. This program (also compatible for Mac) allows you to view any Apple device connected to the PC via cable or available in the home wireless network, so as to quickly transfer files inside simply by dragging them onto the icon of the chosen Apple device; alternatively we can upload new files using the Select Files button at the bottom, which will open the file manager and allow us to choose which files or folders to upload to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

2) A complete management program for music (including transfers to portable devices) is definitely MediaMonkey. Once installed on the PC, the program will index all the music on the hard disk and other media; by connecting an iPhone or iPad via cable it will be recognized immediately within the interface and it will be possible to modify, delete and insert new music tracks into Apple devices without any problem. MediaMonkey also supports transfers between multiple devices, just connect them all to the PC where the program is present to carry out all the transfers we need.

3) Another very complete program for managing music in 360 degrees (including transfers between portable devices) is Clementine. Once installed on the PC, all we have to do is index all the music on the PC, then connect the iPhone or iPad via USB cable to see them appear in the section Devices (clickable in the sidebar).

4) AirDroiddespite the name (the app is one of the best for control an android phone from computer) is one of the best solutions to move photos and videos from iPhone to PC without ever opening iTunes! To take advantage of this app we must make sure that the iPhone and the PC are connected to the same network (same router, both via WiFi or wireless for the iPhone and Ethernet cable for the PC). Once installed, simply open the app by tapping on the AirDroid icon and going to the tab My Devices, as visible in the image below. We can now choose how the iPhone connects; we can choose between AirDroid Web o AirDroid Desktop. Once the association has been made with one of the available methods, we will be able to move the photos and videos on the iPhone to the PC by clicking on one of the folders present in the environment created by the service.


By choosing one of the methods seen above we will be able to effectively transfer photos, videos and music from our PC to the iPhone. Personally I recommend you try PairDrop in all scenarios, given that it presents itself as a fast and immediate system for transferring any file from PC to iPhone without using any cable (it is sufficient that the iPhone and the PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

To learn more we can read our guides on how synchronize iPhone or iPad with PC with iTunes and without and on what are the best file managers on iPhone and iPad to manage files and shares.

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