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If we have many photos and photo albums published on Facebook that we would like to keep without keeping them dispersed within the social network, we know that it is possible to download them on PC, but there is now an even better way to create an online copy: uploading and saving them on Google Photos directly and without using external apps.
As we know, Google Photos is not only an app to be used on smartphones to view photos taken from the phone, but it is also a feature that allows you to backup all photos for free, in an infinite cloud space. Thanks to Google Photos, therefore, all photos and even videos were taken using the smartphone are automatically saved online and can be reviewed and retrieved from any other phone or even from a PC.
Who uses Facebook, can now transfer all the photos and videos published in your profile to Google Photos, to create a copy that can then be viewed within the excellent Google application.The process of transferring videos and photos from Facebook to Google Photos it’s very simple: On the PC, you can open the Facebook site, press the down arrow key located at the top right to go to Settings. Below the section, Your information on Facebook (in the left column), press on the right side of the page the section “Transfer a copy of your photos and videos“.
On the transfer page, you can on Choose a destination where it is possible, at the moment, to choose only Google Photos. After selecting it, choose whether to transfer the photos or videos and go Forward. If prompted, enter your Facebook account password to continue.
At this point, you will be asked to enter connect your Facebook account to Google and provide permissions to add items in Google Photos. Once confirmed, the transfer process begins and you will be notified when it is finished.
You can do this transfer of photos and videos also from the Facebook app to mobile: here too go to Settings, scroll down until you find Your information on Facebook, and press on Transfer a copy of your photos and videos. You can then choose Google Photos and proceed as seen above.
Keep in mind that the transfer of photos and videos takes place only at that moment and will not be automatic for each photo published on Facebook subsequently. Also, no photos will be deleted from the Facebook account. At the moment it is not possible to select exactly which photos to copy in Google Photos: either all or nothing.
Once the transfer finishes, in Google Photos you can find the collections of photos taken from Facebook by going to the Album section, where they are grouped under the albums Copy of Uploads from mobile, Copy of diary photos and so on.
This feature is a great way to save Facebook photos if you want to cancel your account or even just to be able to remove them from the social network and store them privately in Google Photos.

I think it is the first time that it is possible to make a connection between Facebook and Google accounts. This feature is the result of a 2018 agreement between Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter to facilitate the transfer of data between services, so it is easy to imagine that we will see other integrations in the future.

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