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Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows with USB cable, email and cloud

Transfer the photo from iPhone to Windows it’s much easier than you might imagine. Regardless of the substantial differences that separate the operating systems developed by Apple e Microsoft.

Exist diverse procedure which allow the same result to be obtained. Starting from those that require the use of a cable USB. Until we get to those who exploit the email or the services of cloud storage.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows

There are several procedures that allow you to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Windows PC (reference operating system: Windows 11). The first involves the two devices coming connected with a USB cable.

The PC is capable of read the different folders on your smartphone Apple. The ones to copy and paste are those relating to the Photos app. One above all DCIM folderwhich generally contains Photo and video related to digital camera.

Before starting the transfer, you may need to enable PC access to the iPhone’s multimedia contents. Your mobile device should send a notification on the screen. And the user simply has to tap on entry named Allow.

At this point we must move to your Windows PC and open theFile Explorer application. The connected iPhone should appear inside the section called Devices and Drives. More precisely among removable drives.

Finally it must be done right-click with the mouse and select the item named Import images and videos. The Windows PC will run one on its own scan the folder dedicated to iPhone photos and videos. Skimming those that have not yet been transferred inside.

The user can choose two transfer modes. The first available entry is called Import all new items now and start the process immediately.

The second available entry is called Review, organize and group the items you import. And it involves a manual selection intervention, before starting the actual transfer.

Other iPhone to Windows Transfer Methods

You can transfer photos from an iPhone to a Windows PC just in case you do not have a USB cable. A first alternative solution involves the use of a email client.

All the user has to do is use the iPhone to send an email to yourself. Remembering attach any photos or videos that you want to be transferred from one device to another. There mail it will come later opened from a Windows PCwith the aim of downloading the above mentioned multimedia contents.

This procedure is very quick, but it is good to take into account a whole series of factors limits. One on all that of the weight of attachmentswhich varies from client to client.

In case you want to transfer a large amount of photos or videosit is also possible to exploit the potential of a service cloud storage. The procedure is almost identical, regardless of the service preferred by the user.

The first thing to do is access the cloud with iPhone, loading all the multimedia contents you want to transfer. After that it’s enough log in with the same credentials from a Windows PC. And download all the material in question.

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