Apps and websites to transform each photo into a drawing or painting automatically, online, on PC and smartphone

Transform photos into pencil and paint To do automatic photo editing of your photographs, this could be an idea turn the photo into a drawing. This operation is really simple thanks to some apps and sites that can do everything automatically, without actually having to draw by hand.

Converting a photo into a drawing means giving a pencil or painting effectas if it had been drawn on a sheet of paper or even colored with crayons.

Yes it can transform a photo into a drawingusing one of these sites and some of the best downloadable apps for Windows, Android phones and iPhone.

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Sites for turning photos into pencil drawings

1) is one of the most powerful photo editing web apps ever, which offers many effects to transform a photo or image into a pencil or even color drawing.

2) There is also one of the best sites for turning photos into drawings online Pijoke. To use it, all we have to do is choose the type of drawing from the preview images and then upload the photo to see it transformed in that way.

3) is a simple and very useful website for converting photos into drawings, with several options available to turn the photo into black and white patterns. There are sliders to adjust the black and white ratio, sharpness, and other automatic options.

4) Photofunia is an online photo editing site with numerous effects to try; among its numerous effects we also find the one that automatically transforms a photo into a pencil drawing.

5) it is a site designed to transform photos into drawings and paintings with pencil and paint effects in a completely automatic way; in fact, just upload the photo to immediately find the image converted into a pencil tip, with a very realistic effect.

6) is a site for immediately transforming photos into handmade paintings, choosing from various very beautiful and characteristic pencil effects.

7) it is a site that contains numerous filters and tools for quickly editing photos; among the available filters we also find the one dedicated to the transformation of any photo or image into a freehand drawing, with a very beautiful pencil stroke.

8) is another site that we recommend trying to convert an image into a handmade painting, choosing the effect Sketch for the characteristic pencil line.

9) Prisma it is probably the best site for obtaining oil paintings or paintings starting from simple images; after uploading the photo, the editor will open with all the filters, where we can choose painting effects that are very beautiful to look at for free.

App to turn photos into pencil drawings

1) Prisma Photo Editor it is also an app for Android and for iPhone; exactly like the site seen above, it allows you to apply filters with paint or pencil effects directly from your phone, without having to open the site.

2) Deep Art Effect is a free program for Windows PC, Mac and Linux that allows you to turn photos into paintings. You can choose the artistic style of the painting which can then become an impressionist painting or a mosaic or much more. The transformation into painting is immediate and governed by an algorithm trained on works by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Michelangelo.

3) FotoSketcher is a free program that allows you to give a drawing effect to a photo, transforming it visually, as if it had been drawn freehand, coloured. Since it does nothing else, it becomes very easy to use this software: just open an image or photo on your computer and apply one of the proposed filters.
The different filters allow you to transform the photo into paintings made with different tools, not necessarily with pencil. For example, you can use the pen and pencil effect (black and white), ink, watercolor, oil paint and several others. At the end, by pressing the “Draw” button you get, as a result, the image of the photo as if it were a sketch or a painting.

4) NeuralStyler is a program inspired by the app Prisma per Android e iPhoneto transform photos into paintings painted with different painting styles such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Munch or other famous artists or currents.

5) MomentCam Cartoons and Stickersavailable for Android and for iPhoneallows you to quickly convert any app on your phone into a pencil drawing or a painting or oil painting, thus giving free rein to our creativity after taking the photos.


Using all the apps indicated we will be able to transform photos into drawings and paintings with pencil and paint effects without being Photoshop or GIMP experts but using sites or apps that automatically apply pencil and paint filters, reducing the user interaction.

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