Install custom widgets and change graphics to your Android phone screen with KWGT Skins

One of the best features of Android is its ability to be completely customized. As seen, in fact, it is possible to buy any mobile phone and transform it into another by installing a different graphical launcher like Nova, Apex and Go Launcher ed using i widget.

Among the best widgets for Android there is one that allows you to change appearance and install many different tools on the screen of a smartphone from Samsung, Xiaomi or other Android phone models.

In the following guide we will show you how to install KWGT and how to configure the best skinsso you can get personalized clocks, battery charge meters, weather widgets, iPhone-like screen and anything else you can think of to put on screen.

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1) What is KWGT and how to install it

KWGT KWGT is an Android application designed as a personal widget generator: by installing it on the phone we can access a convenient graphic tools editor to create any type of widget and thus be able to embellish the phone with something created by us (a weather widget, a new clock widget, a music control wigdet and much more) .

The true potential of this application can be obtained with the Pro version (KWGT Custom Widget Pro Key); by activating the Pro key on our phone we can download and install skins made by other usersso that we can make our phone unique by adding only the skins we like.

The transformations obtainable with the skins are spectacular and they can revolutionize the look of your phonewithout having to download too many customization apps.

2) Best skins for KWGT

There are hundreds of skins for KWGT in the Google Play Store, but for convenience we have collected the ones that we think are the best or that must be tried immediately by all users who are passionate about customization and stylish phones.

In the store we find both free skins and paid skinsit’s up to us to choose which ones to try and which ones to buy for our phone.

To get the maximum customization from the skins we need to use a customizable launcher like Nova Launcherwhich we talked about in detail in the Nova Launcher options guide.

Apple for KWGT

Apple for KWGT The coolest skin for an Android phone is definitely Apple for KWGTwhich effectively transforms the smartphone into a real iPhone (at least from an aesthetic point of view).

With this skin we will get the iOS-inspired icon pack, the iPhone-style lower dock bar, all the widgets available on the iPhone, iPhone-style lock screen and red bubble notification icons.

Minimal KWGT

Minimal KWGT Minimal style lovers will surely appreciate the skin Minimal KWGT.

This skin is designed to minimize the presence of unnecessary icons, widgets and elements on the phone, showing only very few elements (such as the clock, the weather and the Google search bar). Flanking the skin ai Google Assistant voice commands it will make it possible to use the phone hands-free, recalling only the commands you want to do everything and using a few widgets for the most important information.

Iconic KWGT

Iconic KWGT Another valid skin for KWGT to install on the phone is Iconic KWGT.

This skin has a minimal but very distinctive style, with MIUI-style rounded widgets, minimal widgets, shaded widgets and widgets that adapt to any background (such as widgets designed for AMOLED screens, which consume less energy).

Evolve KWGT

Evolve KWGT Another skin that we can try on our phone is Evolve KWGTa collection of unique widgets that can perform many functions.

Among the widgets in the package we find two news feed widgets with 6 different RSS feeds (customizable), the Subreddit Watcher, the pedometer, the today’s facts widget, the “find me something to do” widget, the Advice Machine, the air quality index widget, weather widget, widget drawer and many more.

FusiOn for KWGT

FusiOn for KWGT Those looking for a skin with a new and modern design can download FusiOn for KWGTwhich combines the Google Pixel style with clear and rounded effects on all widgets.

We can add various widgets to our screens such as the quick app launcher, voice command key, clear cache widget, battery widget, weather widget and various clock widgets (all customizable).

MiUi 14 Widgets

MiUi 14 Widgets If we have a Samsung or any other Android phone we can try MIUI, the Xiaomi operating system, installed MiUi 14 Widgets.

This skin faithfully follows the style of the icons of Xiaomi phones, also featuring the same color gradient, the same widgets and most of the features. Each widget is customizable in appearance, so dark theme widgets can also be applied.

Turn kwgt

Turn kwgt Another skin to try on your phone is Turn kwgt.

With this skin we will obtain hexagonal or rectangular geometric widgets that can be nested next to each other, thus recreating a widget puzzle effect or a very nice to see wall of widgets. We find all the most useful widgets (weather, news, clock, calendar) adaptable to the style we have requested.


KWGT skins are a nice surprise for anyone who wants to personalize your phone to the fullestadding unique widgets, with an unmistakable style and many features absent in the basic widgets for Android.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to fix damaged widgets and on best widgets to download for android.


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