Trello, over 15 million passwords stolen?  Check your account

Trello is a popular visual project management platform that offers an intuitive and flexible approach to planning and organizing tasks. Launched in 2011, the platform has become an essential tool for teams and individuals looking for a simple and effective way to manage projects, tasks and collaborate in a transparent, effective and efficient way.

The heart of Trello is represented by the “message boards” virtual spaces, which serve as central workspaces for projects. Inside a board, users create “cards” to represent the individual activities or tasks. Each card can contain various information, including task lists, attachments, comments, and due dates.

Publish the personal credentials of over 15 million Trello users online

The well-known and appreciated service Have I been pwned has just updated its database, announcing the addition of information relating to a possible data breach which may have involved Trello. In fact, a collection consisting of 15,115,516 pairs appeared on the “black market”. username-password belonging, it seems, to as many users registered on Trello.

Atlassian, a company that develops Trello, claims to be aware of the list of credentials spread online. At the moment, however, any violation that may occur on Trello’s servers is excluded.

The company claims to constantly monitor the platform and servers for any unusual activity. And i 15 million credentials appeared on a hacking forum do not appear to come from unauthorized access to the backend of Trello.

While the investigation is still ongoing, Atlassian underlines its commitment to protect user data and undertakes to take prompt action should any violation be confirmed. Users are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity, while the company ensures continuous monitoring to preserve the security and privacy of the platform.

Troy Huntthe creator of Have I been pwned he did not comment on the content of the data collection apparently coming from Trello (as he had recently done in the case of Naz.API). For our part, however, we recommend connecting with Have I been pwned then enter in the box email address the email address used to register on Trello. In the response offered, you can check if under the title “Breaches you were pwned in” the “Trello” item would also appear.

As an additional security measure, in addition to changing your password, it is a good idea to activate two-factor authentication on Trello, if you have not already done so.


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