TSMC focuses on silicon photonics: possible partnership with NVIDIA and Broadcom

There is nothing official yet, but according to the latest information leaked the Taiwanese giant TSMC would be in negotiations with NVIDIA and Broadcom for the use of photonic systems that exploit the silicon as an optical medium. It would be an answer to growing demand for higher data transmission speedsespecially in a period in which technology based onartificial intelligence and large language models.

TSMC: will the next partnerships be with NVIDIA and Broadcom?

The news comes from UDN.comaccording to which TSMC has already put in place a research and development team made up of around 200 experts. They were entrusted with the “mission” of finding the best solution for theusing the power of silicon photonics for next-generation chips.

With this in mind, TSMC seems to want to establish a collaboration with NVIDIA e Broadcom with the aim of co-developing application methods focused on this technology. The partnerships would aim to creation of new chips based on silicon photonicswith “substantial” orders already in the second half of next year.

Great optimism about this filters through in the offices of the Taiwanese giant, as evidenced by the words of Douglas YuVP of TSMC: «Through a good silicon photonics integration system, both the critical issues of energy efficiency and artificial intelligence computing power can be addressed. We may be at the beginning of a new era».

At the fair SEMICON of 2023 the spotlight was placed squarely on silicon photonics. All things considered, all the major chip designers, including Intelare considering this solution, because in the wake of the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and HPC is there need for faster interconnections between data centers.

Traditional technologies seem to be struggling quite a bit to keep up, a situation that would be pushing the industry to turn to other alternatives, such as silicon photonics, capable of significantly accelerating chip-to-chip and machine interconnections. to-machine. Obviously the road is not all downhill, indeed difficulties are expected especially with the management of energy consumption and potentially very high temperatures.


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