Turn a Samsung phone into a PC (with Samsung Dex)

Samsung DeXNowadays modern phones are able to do everything, to the point of being able to replace the traditional computer in the vast majority of daily operations. But if we wanted to use your phone as a real desktop PC, then connecting a mouse, keyboard and monitor and using the mouse cursor to open mobile apps? This scenario can be replicated using the Samsung DeX function, integrated in all modern Samsung smartphones and usable with very few accessories that can be purchased separately.READ ALSO -> Best 2-in-1 Tablet-PC with removable keyboard

How to use Samsung DeX

To use a Samsung phone as a desktop PC by taking advantage of technology Sasmung DeX, so you can quickly switch from a mobile environment to a full desktop environment with just one device.

The basic requirement to use Samsung DeX is the possession of a recent Samsung smartphone (from Galaxy S8 upwards) and some optional accessories, to be purchased in order to take advantage of the desktop mode included in the operating systems of Samsung phones.

Accessories for Samsung DeX

In order to use Samsung DeX, you need the following additional accessories:

  • Samsung Dex Station: acts as a charging base for the phone but also offers all the necessary ports for conversion to a desktop PC.
  • UGREEN 18W USB Charger with USB C Cable: USB wall charger to supply electricity to the Samsung Dex Station.
  • Amazon Basics – Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 Cable: Required to be able to connect the Station to a computer monitor.
  • Samsung Monitor SF35: A 24-inch FullHD monitor to use to make the most of Samsung DeX mode.
  • Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit: kit with wireless keyboard and mouse and a single receiver, to be connected to the USB port of the Station.
  • Beikell USB 3.0 Hub: USB Hub to increase the number of ports available for the Station.

Once all the required accessories have been recovered, we can proceed with the activation of the Samsung DeX mode, widely within the reach of all users regardless of the level of skill in the IT field.

Activate Samsung DeX

To concretely use Samsung DeX we place the monitor on the desk, place the Samsung Dex Station next to it, use the USB Type-C cable of the wall charger to supply electricity to the Station (via the USB Type-C port), connect the HDMI cable between the Station and the monitor, we also connect the receiver of the mouse and keyboard kit e finally we put the phone on the Dock, making sure to match the charging contact (USB Type-C type).

Desktop DeX

As soon as the Samsung phone detects the Station it will automatically start the transmission of the Samsung DeX desktop, with the phone apps available in an interface that is profoundly different from the one seen on the phone, vaguely reminiscent of Windows: in fact, we find a taskbar, a system at the bottom right, the app icons on the desktop and a sort of Start menu to access all the apps and functions of the phone. Once started, we can use the mouse to move the cursor and click or double-click the left and right mouse button, obtaining an effect similar to tap, double tap and prolonged tap.

Usability is very good for an Android system adapted for use as a desktop environment, but obviously we are linked to the use of the apps already present on the phone, not being able to install any Windows application. Excellent connectivity: the Station uses the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of the phone to provide network connectivity or with other devices, but it is also possible to connect an Ethernet cable to the appropriate rear port.

The only real flaw is the low number of USB ports: for this reason we have decided to include a convenient USB hub in the recommended accessories.

Alternative a Samsung DeX

But what if we wanted to look for alternatives to Samsung DeX? If we have a phone from another manufacturer what can we do to use the phone as a desktop PC? The answer is to use a special USB hub this adattatore Multiporta da Hub C a HDMI 4k, shipped by Amazon for less than € 20.

USB adapter

By connecting this device to the USB Type-C port of any modern Android phone we will be able to replicate the operation of Samsung DeX on any device, just connect the HDMI cable to the specific port of the adapter and the receiver of the keyboard and mouse kit to the classic USB port (always on the adapter). Ultimately Samsung DeX is little more than a launcher, and other Android phones also support mouse cursor and keyboard inputs, so you can replace a notebook or desktop PC at any time.

What if we want to cast only the screen of the device, without having to simulate a desktop environment? In this case we can use Google Chromecast or the Microsoft Wireless Adapter and use the mirroring functions offered by the Google Home app or the phone settings.

To learn more we can read our insights Chromecast guide with 16 tricks and applications to use it to the fullest e How to cast smartphone screen on TV.

In another article, others ways to use your smartphone as a PC with keyboard and monitor


Although Samsung DeX may appear to be a useless function, for those who often work with smartphone apps it may be a good idea to set up an office desk that can take advantage of this function, so as to arrive at the office every day, keep the charging phone while using your favorite mobile apps with keyboard and mouse. Alternatively we can always use a USB adapter with HDMI output or mirror the screen.

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