Turn WiFi and data on and off automatically on Android

Applications to automatically manage the activation and deactivation of wifi on Android phones and tablets

Android connection When we surf the Internet on the go, most of the time we will take advantage of the cellular data network connection, particularly if we can’t find free and free Wi-Fi hotspots that we can take advantage of. To save battery we can change from one connection mode to another automatically or, even better, use apps that activate Wi-Fi only when necessary (when we arrive at home or in the office where there is certainly wireless network coverage).

In the guide that follows we will show you the effective methods to turn Wi-Fi and data connection on and off automatically on Androidtaking advantage of both the settings present on some Android devices and some free apps to configure.

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1) Automatically change connection on Android

On some latest generation Android phones (such as Xiaomi) we can let the system choose the best connection, so as not to turn off the Wi-Fi when it does not work well or is not connected to the landline. To activate this function, let’s go to the app Settingswe press on the menu Wi-Fi and finally we open the menu Wi-Fi Assistant.
Wi-Fi Assistant After opening this menu we activate the switch next to the item Automatically selects the best networks and confirm in the next window by pressing on I understand.

From now on the phone will connect to the data network even when the Wi-Fi is active but not working (due to problems related to the modem or because the coverage is poor), thus maintaining the continuity of the connection on the phone.

2) Turn off Wi-Fi when we leave certain areas

To automatically disable Wi-Fi when we leave the house or when we leave an area covered by Wi-Fi (such as an office or school) we can rely on a command automation app such as MacroDroidavailable free from Google Play Store.
Macrodroid Taking up the old concept of automation of actions based on macros (widely used on Office), it is possible to automate the start of the Wi-Fi connection only in certain areas (based on the detection of the device’s position) and program the deactivation of Wi-Fi every time we leave these areas, so as to use only the data connection and save battery.

A similar app for automating actions on Android is Automatewhich we also talked about in the guide on how to make android automatic in certain actions.

3) Wi-Fi and network connection automation app

In addition to the methods seen so far, we can try a whole series of apps dedicated to the automation of the Wi-Fi connection and the cellular data network connection, so that you can decide independently when to leave the connections on and when to leave them off.

  • Wi-Fi Auto Connect is one of the best apps to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network and schedule its shutdown at specific times or when certain conditions occur.
  • WiFi Automatic enables Wi-Fi when the device is unlocked, disables it when the screen is off for at least 10 minutes or when the phone or tablet is not connected to any network for at least 1 minute. These intervals can also be changed.
  • Wifi Manager is an application that automatically disables the wireless connection when we are out of range, when we are away from the network and the signal is too poor to guarantee a reliable connection speed.
  • Network Scheduler: this app allows you to plan the switching on of the Wi-Fi or mobile data network at specific times, so as to make them coincide with our working hours or with our times when we are away from home.
  • Tasker: Famous app for scheduling any activity on Android, including turning on or off the Wi-Fi network or mobile data network. Unfortunately it is paid, but for those who love automation it is really worth it.

The apps on the list work correctly even on the latest versions of Android: We are wary of apps taken at random from the store or recommended on the Internet, since they are often not updated and useless apps on the latest versions of Android.


These apps and the settings seen in this guide can be used to manage the cellular data network connection and above all the Wi-Fi connection, automatically and dynamically, so as to connect the mobile phone or tablet only when necessary or use the network. data when we are away from home, saving battery and turning off Wi-Fi when not needed (and automatically reactivate it when we are under cover of known networks).

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In another article we can also find the best Android apps to boost Wi-Fi; reception and network connection.


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