Best programs to create a server on your computer so that files are accessible from anywhere via the internet.

Server cloudThe cloud is now the present and the future of information technology: in fact, already now computers are only terminals capable of reading and processing only online data, stored on enormous servers always reachable on the Internet. Keeping data in storage “in the cloud” offers many advantages but there are still many limitations and concerns related to data security. If we are concerned that the most important data (such as personal photos or business documents) may be stolen and seen by strangers, we can always transform a computer connected to the network into an “in the cloud” storage, reachable from all over the world, without limits and without having to pay any additional subscription.Let’s see together how to transform your computer into an unlimited “cloud” file-server, so that you can safely replace Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other similar services while maintaining maximum control over the stored files, obtaining the desired station (even 2TB or beyond) and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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How to create a home cloud server

There are several methods of building a home cloud server, including a few free programs useful for turning your computer into a file server to share files online, reachable from anywhere in the world.
Below we will show you the most effective ways to recreate a personal cloud that can replace the world’s most popular cloud services.

Choose the home server

As a home server for the cloud we can use a desktop PC also quite old, as long as it is possible to connect one or more SATA hard drives: it will be our new space in the cloud, so it is better to choose a device that allows you to add new disks if necessary.
As an alternative to the fixed PC, we can rely on a NAS solution such as the Synology DiskStation DS220j RTD1296, available on Amazon for less than € 200.
Synology DiskStation

In both cases, the servers will be connected via Ethernet cable to the home modem and we will also need to get high-efficiency hard drives, such as the WD RED Internal Unit for 4TB NAS, available on Amazon for less than 150 €.

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Creare un server cloud con Syncthing

After setting up the cloud server it is time to take care of the software part, that is to share the server folders to make them available via the cloud on any other device on the network or connected remotely. The best program for the purpose is Syncthing, available for free for Windows, Mac, Linux and NAS OS from the official website.

This program works without relying on any external server, synchronizing folders with P2P technology. Once installed, all we have to do is create a user (thus choosing username and password) choose the folders to include in the share, and manually add the devices that can access our cloud, choosing from time to time also the type of synchronization (mirror, unidirectional or bidirectional).
To synchronize mobile devices simply download the app di Syncthing, available for Android.

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Creare un server cloud con WebDAV (Webdisk)

Another effective way to quickly create your own personal cloud is to use WebDAV, which is a useful protocol for sharing an entire disk on the web (password protected and encrypted). Starting from our personal NAS, we access the configuration interface (by typing the NAS address inside the browser), let’s go to the sharing configuration screen and make sure to activate WebDAVs The SSL WebDAV (i.e. the version of WebDAV with connection encryption).

Once you have enabled the service on the NAS and enabled the port for the port forwarding new modem we can access our shared cloud space in different ways:

  • Windows 10 PCs on the same network: in this scenario just open This PC, right click just below the main hard drive, use the entry Add network path and type the IP address of the NAS and the port number of the WebDAV service (type
  • Windows 10 PCs present outside the home: we can access the WebDAV resources by forwarding our public IP address and using a program like Cyberduck.
  • Android devices: we can use a full file manager app like Solid Explorer.
  • IOS / iPadOS devices: we can use a specific app like WebDAV Navigator.

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Other methods of creating a cloud server

In addition to the methods seen above, we can create a personal cloud server using other equally valid and effective methods, such as those listed below:

  • Microsoft OneDrive can be used as a file server it is certainly one of the simplest and safest methods.
  • Another effective way to turn a computer into a fileserver involves the use of BitTorrent Sync with which it is possible to synchronize folders so that they are identical on each computer and also on the smartphone or tablet, with direct transfer.
  • Tonido, the Cloud drive at home to have unlimited online hard drives
  • Weezo to create a server on your computer to share resources on the internet
  • PCloud is a free client-server program that proposes itself as a “personal cloud for anyone”, to create storage always available on the internet using your computer.

There is no shortage of alternatives, we just have to choose the one that best suits our needs.


By creating your own personal server we can replace Google Drive, Google Photos and OneDrive with a cloud space that is always accessible, always free, and with virtually unlimited capacity (even if it all depends on the size of the disks we choose), so as to always have maximum privacy and maximum control over all the files we decide to synchronize online on our devices.

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